Whether swimming, diving, surfing or aerobics, when it comes to spending time in the water, comfort is everything.

I was feeling the pain of this very issue earlier this summer. I had just returned from an afternoon of surfing and had multiple wardrobe malfunctions while out in the water. After hours of searching online and indecisive about my options, I ended up tweeting my frustrations during a vulnerable moment.

“Wish i could test drive a suit from @InStyleSwimwear this weekend! need a good one for #surfing,” I sent as a #FollowFriday shout out to one of my followers. Within minutes, the online retailer’s social media marketing manager reached out to me and arranged for my wish to come true.

Of course, several brands offer a simple suit to wear standalone. But when it comes to meshing function with fashion — combined with the strong possibility of having to wear the piece under a wetsuit from time to time — there’s not much out there that also doesn’t empty the wallet. Plus, many companies attempt  to capture a particular look but something always falls short. The price might be low, but so is the quality. Or the suit looks good, but it cuts off the circulation or feels awkward if worn for anything but sunbathing on a chaise lounge.

So when the Seafolly Goddess suit arrived for me to review, I was skeptical. I had seen many similar-looking styles online but wasn’t sure which one would be the best alternative. Eager to try it out, I made sure to pack it for my next trip to San Onfre, a wonderful California state beach flooded with a devoted group of surfers who maintain the Aloha spirit, as well as family day-trippers who love the welcoming atmosphere.

I was certain I’d find something wrong with the suit. Either the material would bunch at the leg or the chest area, or the top portion would come untied should a wave close out forcing me to bail or, worse, wipe out! (For the record, this doesn’t happen much at San-O). But to my surprise, the suit functioned quite well in the water. Not only did it fit comfortably under my wetsuit. The bathing suit worked perfectly without the need for a rash guard or wetsuit once the sun broke through the marine layer and warmed up those out for dawn patrol. It was tight enough to maintain support in the whitewash but loose enough to keep comfortable while spending hours in the water.

Featuring a sweatheart neckline, high back coverage and molded cups for extra top support, the retro-inspired suit blends a modern, sleek cut with 50s/60s style.  With a price tag of $141, the Australian-made suit isn’t the cheapest on the market, it’s certainly an affordable option for the fashion-conscious aquatics enthusiast. For more information, visit instyleswimwear.com.ycuxerdqfqfqdw