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    Fresh Starts

    Ah, the new year. A time when we can all start fresh with resolutions to improve.

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    Weekly Specials

    As aquatics administrators, we would all prefer to have a lifeguard staff consisting of individuals who are at least college age.

  • Aquatics Industry to Get First National Standard

    The Food and Drug Administration?s national codes revolutionized the restaurant industry, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is hoping a national code for commercial aquatics facilities will have a similar effect.

  • Experts: More Research Needed on Swimming, Asthma

    Recent studies have suggested a link between asthma and swimming, but an expert panel says more research is needed before a definitive correlation can be made.

  • Crypto Climbing

    Last year saw some of the worst recreational water illness outbreaks on record.

  • Lifeguards to Aid in Rip Current Predictor

    Hoping to better predict deadly rip currents, the National Weather Service has enlisted California beach lifeguards to watch and record rip current patterns.

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    Unsafe Starts

    Competitive swimmers and coaches are intimately familiar with the forward start technique, which is meant to give athletes a fast, safe start.

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    Crowd Control

    On many ocean beaches, and a few freshwater beaches, a special event or summer holiday is responsible for attracting enormous crowds of mostly inexperienced swimmers.

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    East Meets West

    Stuck in a programming rut? Bring a little Eastern flair to your pool patrons: Consider Ai Chi.