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    Who’s Watching the Children

    It started out as a normal week in July. David Jones and Carlo Stowers were two young guys working off the summer at their hometown pool.

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    Six Step Program

    If you suspected a sexual crime had taken place at your business, would you know what to do?

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    The Back Story

    What you don’t know about your employees could come back to haunt you.

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    Out of Thin Air

    Drowning is the leading cause of injury-related deaths among U.S. children

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    Fighting the Resistance

    Remember those old black-and-white monster movies?

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    The back story

    What you don’t know about your employees could come back to haunt you.

  • NSPF Launches Online Training Center

    Hoping to reach the busy aquatics professional, the National Swimming Pool Foundation recently launched an online training center that lets operators do part of their certification over the Internet.

  • Off the Deep End

    In evolution, animals migrated from the water to land. In team sports, the opposite appears to be happening.

  • Drowning Settled for $2.25 M

    The family of a toddler who drowned at a Decatur, Ga., apartment complex will receive a $2.25 million settlement from the owner.

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    Something to Talk About

    It started with a single news story

  • ASTM Water Slide Standard Finalized

    After years of inconsistent and out-of-date codes, a new standard for water slides is available to aquatics facilities and health departments around the nation.

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    From the Bottom Up

    For decades, aquatic safety professionals have wondered why unconscious victims so often are recovered from pool bottoms by patrons rather than trained lifeguards.

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    Getting it Right

    With water maintenance, there are three broad areas

  • NSPF Increases Grant Awards for 2006

    The National Swimming Pool Foundation has increased its 2006 grant awards 30 percent over the previous year.

  • Red Cross Launching New Lifeguarding Programs

    The American Red Cross is releasing a new line of updated lifeguard courses this fall, which requires aquatics professionals to be retrained on new guidelines and procedures.

  • Surfing USA

    The Beach Boys had the concept in the 1960s: If everybody had an ocean, everybody would be surfing.

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    Air Sickness

    The high school swim team was the first to notice.

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    Image Conscious

    Back when I was a newspaper reporter, I always dreaded the phone calls I’d receive when a controversial story appeared with my byline. However, I quickly learned it…

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    Endless Summer

    The lazy river outside might have slowed to a complete stop and children may have replaced their sunscreen with schoolbooks, but Sally Brindle’s work doesn’t end when the traditional swim season does.

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    Unclear and Present Danger

    On a spring night in 2001, 14-year-old Rashaad Barnett was attending a poolside birthday party at a motel in St. Louis.

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    Re-generating Excitement

    Since the dawn of waterparks, public and private sector properties have relied upon high-rate sand filters for their water.

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    Training Daze

    Fractured skulls, amputated feet and bruised vertebrae. Not exactly the stuff of waterpark promotional brochures, but they all happened on water rides in the United States and Canada.

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    Taking Control

    Until recently, effectively monitoring water quality and the overall facility meant operators had to be on site

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    The Price Is Right

    Ron Vitkun wanted to add more to his campground. Already, his Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Hagerstown, Md., had a heated pool and a kiddie pool, but no exciting rides.

  • Pentair Fined $193 Million for Cruise Ship Outbreak

    A New York jury found a filter manufacturer liable for a 1994 Legionnaires’ cruise ship outbreak that killed one and sickened several.

  • WHO Issues First Aquatic Safety Guidelines

    The World Health Organization has published comprehensive health and safety guidelines for swimming pools and hot tubs — the first international standard of its kind.

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    A Matter of Maturity

    Robin Patrick is anxiously searching for qualified lifeguards.

  • Woodsy Waterparks

    Activities now available at your local campgrounds: floating down lazy rivers, rafting into unknown caverns, jumping down tumbling falls, scrambling through grottos and splashing away summer days by the riverbank

  • New York Approves Crypto Class Action Lawsuit

    Victims of the Seneca Lake spraypark cryptosporidium outbreak in Geneva, N.Y., now may join a class action suit against the state for monetary compensatio

  • Palin, DPD Inventor, Dies

    A . Tom Palin, Ph.D., a British chemist and bacteriologist of water testing, recently passed away.

  • California Adopts Heat Safety Rule

    Hoping to avoid last year’s wave of heat-related deaths, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has approved the nation’s first permanent heat stress safety regulations, following an emergency provision put in place last September.

  • New Light Shed on UV Systems

    Recent research has shown that medium-pressure ultraviolet lights may be superior at eradicating recreational water illnesses.

  • City Slickers

    For several trend-setting cities, waterparks are this season’s new must-haves.

  • New UV Code Causes N.Y. Sprayparks to Shut Down

    A number of sprayparks in the state of New York did not open this summer due to the controversial — and costly — emergency health code requiring ultraviolet disinfection systems.

  • Graphic courtesy Waterplay Manufacturing


    Maximizing play value and respecting age-appropriate activity are important elements of any spraypark.

  • 2006 Dream Facilities

    Waterpark Resort

  • Gary Thill

    Dreams Come True

    It seems only appropriate in our Dream Facilities Issue that I share the fruition of a dream at Aquatics International.


    Our Dream Facility, the Aqua Arcade, combines standard features and cutting-edge technology in new, creative ways

  • Graphic courtesy Ramaker & Associates


    In our Dream Facility, guests are the happy “victims” of a dramatic shipwreck, washed up on the sunny shores of an isolated tropical island.

  • Graphic courtesy Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative


    Imagine walking by a peaceful lagoon surrounded by tranquil waterfalls, lush landscapes and positive energy

  • Graphic courtesy Counsilman/Hunsaker & Associates


    A destination attraction can employ one of two business strategies

  • Graphic courtesy Larkin Aquatics


    By its very nature, a spraypark is a dream come true for water lovers.

  • Graphic courtesy Aquatic Development Group


    The term “Dream Facility” can have many interpretations

  • Graphic courtesy Atlantic Aquatic Engineering


    Our Dream Facility brings the magical allure of Mediterranean ambiance indoors for an exquisite, yet intimate, social or corporate experience.

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    Managing Your Best

    A strong manager can make all the difference when it comes to an effective lifeguarding program. It starts with knowing how to hire and retain the right people and goes all the way to implementing the most effective surveillance methods and rescue techniq

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    Crossing the Great Wall in standards

    While the aquatics industry is examining the health of the Chinese pool market

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    A building of bubbles

    The Water Cube

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    Golden Opportunity

    A mid the bustle of Tiananmen Square is a semitrailer-sized digital sign that once counted down the seconds before Hong Kong’s return to China

  • Going for Therapy

    In 1976, the employees of Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center in Seattle decided to build a pool for sick and disabled youngsters, and crank the water temperature up to a comfortable 93 degrees

  • Tech School Launches First Class

    Starting this fall, aquatics professionals can attend classes at what industry officials hope will be the first of many nationwide technical schools.

  • Industry Funds Hot Tub Research

    A new industry-sponsored research study is under way to determine the health benefits of soaking in warm water.

  • Industry Mourns Death of Chemist Neil Lowry

    Dr. R. Neil Lowry, a well-known consultant to the aquatics industry in the United States and Canada has passed away

  • Making the Grade

    For many aquatics professionals, schools are the equivalent of a gold mine they can never quite reach…

  • Photo courtesy Marshalltown Iowa Community Y

    Direct to Video

    The atmosphere at a high school state swim meet is intense. In Iowa, spectators brave the February cold and line up hours before the doors open to ensure they will have the best possible vantage point for the me

  • Gary Thill

    Questionable Values

    Not so long ago, the ability to swim was considered a valuable skill in America, so valuable, you couldn’t graduate from many colleges without it

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    Checks and Balances

    After a long winter, it’s time to wake the hibernating swimming pool and rouse it for the upcoming summer season. And as every operator knows, that requires more than just pulling leaves out with a skimmer and turning everything back on.

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    For Good Measure

    For the past 16 years, I have been traveling around the United States training operators.

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    Workin' for the Weekend

    Like many leisure pursuits, most aquatics activities take place outside of banker’s hours (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

  • Experimental Hot Tub Lung Treatment Announced

    A faster, more reliable treatment for hot tub lung soon may be available.

  • Aquatics in Schools: A Major Trend

    Universities always encourage students to apply their higher learning to real-world situations.

  • Legionnaires' Kills One, Sickens Many

    A 90-year-old Indiana woman has died from Legionnaires’ disease after swimming in an Illinois hotel po

  • Universal Commercial Standard in the Works

    Imagine a time when commercial pool codes are consistent across the country.

  • References

    American Red Cross. (1995). Lifeguarding today. St. Louis: Mosby-Year Book, Inc.

  • CDC Studying UV Effectiveness

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta is conducting the first-ever study of ultraviolet systems’ ability to kill chloramines and improve indoor air quality.

  • Nationally Recognized Swim Instructor Dies

    Honey Lanning, nationally recognized “swim instructor of the stars,” passed away a week after being diagnosed with cancer. She was 64.

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    Guarding Against Misconceptions

    Several important aquatics professionals and lifeguard training agencies have questioned whether lifeguard surveillance techniques are based on science

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    Challenging Conventional Wisdom

    History is littered with examples of people mistaking collective wisdom for scientific fact. Probably the most notorious is the flat-earth theory. It took science and research to disprove that notion and show that, in fact, our world is quite the opposite

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    Anatomy of a Post-Crisis EAP

    A comprehensive post-crisis emergency action plan is crucial.

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    Going Green

    Bill Boyes didn’t anticipate incredible savings when he started green renovation plans in 2001 for the North Boulder (Colo.) Recreation Center

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    Alternative Media

    Two new filter media are available that show promise in reducing costs and environmental impact

  • A River Runs Through It

    Swimming in the Hudson River used to be followed by a trip to the hospital for a tetanus shot

  • Starfish Founder Steps Down for New Post

    In a move marking the evolution of Starfish Aquatics, founder Jill White is stepping down as the organization?s president/CEO and becoming director of Human Kinetics? new Aquatic Division

  • Koala Corp. Recovering After Major Restructuring

    After repeated downsizing, corporate restructuring and selling of product lines that sparked rumors and left questions about the company?'s future, Koala Corp. is taking steps toward recovery.

  • Camp Aims to Address Diversity Issue

    In an effort to develop new minority role models, USA Swimming is choosing teenage athletes from various ethnic groups for its upcoming Diversity Select Camp

  • GameTime, Rain Drop Team Up

    In another attempt to gain a foothold in the burgeoning water-play market, giant playground maker GameTime has teamed with Rain Drop Products to manufacture a new line of spraypark merchandise.

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    Survival of the Greenest

    OK, full disclosure: I live in Portland, Ore., one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the nation

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    Cool It Down

    It’s hard to beat the beauty and aesthetics of a glass-enclosed pool or waterpark

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    Salt Solutions?

    Though facilities have used it for years, saline chlorination, otherwise known as on-site sodium hypochlorite generation or simply chlorine generation, is a little-used technology in the U.S. commercial pool market.

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    Deadly Triggers

    When perfectly healthy swimmers who are good athletes drown, it is often a mystery

  • NSPF Partners with IPSSA

    The National Swimming Pool Foundation has signed a partnership agreement with the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association Inc.

  • N.Y. Sprayparks Require UV

    In response to a recent spraypark outbreak, New York has issued a controversial emergency health code that requires ultraviolet disinfection systems.

  • Industry Bids Farewell to Aquatics Icon Millay

    George Millay, the “father of the waterpark,” passed away in his sleep Feb. 6. Millay had been fighting cancer for several years and died in his San Diego home. He was 76.

  • Boatloads of Fun

    It used to be, you sailed the high seas.

  • New Ruling Allows 15-Year-Old Lifeguards

    Many aquatics operators are breathing a collective sigh of relief after the U.S….

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    A Matter of Maturity

    In America, 15-year-olds aren’t allowed to do much, at least not legally.

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    Chinese Instructor and Aquatics Consultant

    If Winson Lee were a needle, he’d be in the world’s largest haystack

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    Chinese Olympic Diving Coach

    She never graced the side of a soda can or promoted fast-food as a way of life

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    British Swimming Coach

    For many years, Britain has not been a major power in competitive swimming.

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    Washington State University

    Talking shop with Dr. Bruce E. Becker can be like deciphering code.

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    WhiteWater West Industries

    He pronounces “project” with a long “o” because, after all, he is Canadian, but designer Bruce Morris’ projects are making a mark worldwide.

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    Association of Pool & Spa Professionals

    You might not guess it by his conservative dress and laid-back demeanor, but Carvin DiGiovanni is a real risk taker.

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    USA Synchronized Swimming Coach

    She was named Olympic Coach of the Year four times in a row by U.S. Aquatic Sports, and her accomplishments sparkle and shine as brightly as the outfits her athletes don.

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    What does a swimmer with an undergraduate degree in politics, a master’s degree in philanthropic studies and public affairs, another master’s in education, and more graduate work in education do with all this scholarly learning? If you’re Dale Neuburger,

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    Water Technology Inc.

    Back in high school, Doug Whiteaker was already building pools.

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    Ramaker & Associates

    What better way to learn what a child enjoys at a waterpark than through an actual child?

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    Water Quality and Health Council

    Her curriculum vitae spans three pages and the accolades are endless, including four times on America’s Who’s Who. As chair of the Water Quality and Health Council, Joan B. Rose, Ph.D., is working on new solutions for waterborne pathogens such as cryptosp

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    National Aquatic Safety Co.

    In many ways, John L. Hunsucker wrote the New Testament on lifeguarding back in the early 1970s when he developed a new specialized category for the American Red Cross.

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    Water Technology Inc

    Her interest in aquatics was sparked by a big pipe that squirted water around a playground at the Newark, N.J., housing projects where she grew up.

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    Professional Pool Operators of America

    Quirky, headstrong and full of humorous anecdotes, Kent Williams is not really someone to argue with

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    Ball State University

    He grew up “in corn country and beans,” fondly referred to as Belvidere, Ill. But Lee Yarger has trained and influenced lifeguards around the world