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    Unclear and Present Danger

    On a spring night in 2001, 14-year-old Rashaad Barnett was attending a poolside birthday party at a motel in St. Louis.

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    From the Bottom Up

    For decades, aquatic safety professionals have wondered why unconscious victims so often are recovered from pool bottoms by patrons rather than trained lifeguards.

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    Getting it Right

    With water maintenance, there are three broad areas

  • NSPF Increases Grant Awards for 2006

    The National Swimming Pool Foundation has increased its 2006 grant awards 30 percent over the previous year.

  • Red Cross Launching New Lifeguarding Programs

    The American Red Cross is releasing a new line of updated lifeguard courses this fall, which requires aquatics professionals to be retrained on new guidelines and procedures.

  • Surfing USA

    The Beach Boys had the concept in the 1960s: If everybody had an ocean, everybody would be surfing.

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    Air Sickness

    The high school swim team was the first to notice.

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    Image Conscious

    Back when I was a newspaper reporter, I always dreaded the phone calls I’d receive when a controversial story appeared with my byline. However, I quickly learned it…

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    Endless Summer

    The lazy river outside might have slowed to a complete stop and children may have replaced their sunscreen with schoolbooks, but Sally Brindle’s work doesn’t end when the traditional swim season does.