• Water Safety Program Reduces Child Drownings

    In 1996 Broward County, Fla., reported five drowning deaths of children ages 5 to 9.

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    The Crypto Catch

    With recent outbreaks of cryptosporidium across the nation this past year, many operators may be wondering what they can do to protect themselves against this insidious and hard-to-kill bug.

  • Gary Thill

    Who's Got Your Back?

    I make mistakes.

  • Special Events: Making a Christmas Splash

    When it’s 20 degrees out and the jingle bells are ringing, the last place most people might think to visit is an aquatics facility.

  • Utah Bans Tots From Pools

    Following an unprecedented outbreak of cryptosporidium around Salt Lake City, Utah health officials took the extraordinary measure of banning children under age 5 from public pools, including gyms and apartment buildings.

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    Shower Power

    Consider this: Standard commercial buildings in the United States pour through an average of 9.5 billion gallons of water every day, according to GreenBiz.com, a leading environmental responsibility information resource.

  • Rise in Eye Infections Linked to Swimming Pools

    The Environmental Protection Agency’s mandate to reduce the amount of chemicals used to sanitize public water, including pools, may be the cause behind a recent increase in a rare eye infection among contact lens users, especially swimmers.

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    Breaking Point

    The practice of overapplying chlorine is a serious problem that is leading to negative media coverage for the aquatics industry.

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    Need for Speed

    When talented, motivated, well-prepared athletes start achieving faster-than-predicated times, the venue in which it happens develops a reputation as a “fast” pool.

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    Athletic Training & Fast Pools

    Before aquatic athletes compete, the training regimen that precedes an outstanding performance must be appreciated.

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    Liability Tips

    Hire pool consultants. They will check for compliance, safety hazards, design recommendations and other risk management issues of which owners may not be aware…

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    Program Addresses Unguarded Pools

    It’s the same scenario repeated over and over throughout Houston every summer: fire engines and ambulances racing to an apartment complex where a child drowned with no lifeguard on site

  • Rooftop Pools: Sky Diving

    Once upon a time, city kids envied suburban kids and their backyard swimming pools.

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    Swim at Your Own Risk

    The trip to Paramount’s Kings Island in Cincinnati was to be a graduation celebration for the Class of 2002 at the Goldblatt Elementary School in Chicago.

  • Photo illustration by Denise Baker; Waterpark photo courtesy Wet 'n Wild

    Variable frequency drives can save your facility thousands — not to mention the planet.

    Would you like to save thousands of dollars in electric utility costs and protect vital equipment while at the same time reducing your aquatics facility’s carbon footprint?

  • Gary Thill

    Letting Down My Guard

    In my four-plus years as editor, I’ve seen numerous stories about children who drown.

  • Cryptosporidium Strikes Pools Across Nation

    A recent rash of cryptosporidium outbreaks have hit swimming pools across the country, even one equipped with ultraviolet systems

  • Gary Thill

    Success and Safety

    Sometimes an issue of the magazine develops an unintended theme.

  • Collapse Leads to Statewide Inspection of Okla. Parks

    The collapse of a water ride at Big Splash Water Park in Tulsa, Okla., has spurred state department officials and politicians to begin inspecting all of Oklahoma’s waterpark rides.

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    2007 Top Waterparks

    When you’re one of the nation’s Top 10 waterparks, you naturally want to maintain your position.

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    Public Watchdogs

    The 2007 swim season has nearly closed and the following question arises: What important issues are public health officials focusing on for the future? Cryptosporidium’s chlorine resistance has resulted in its emergence as the leading cause of diarrheal i

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    A Timing Issue

    One school of thought suggests that swimming pool lifeguards must scan their zone of coverage in 10 seconds and respond to persons in need within the next 20 seconds.

  • Sliding Home

    The waterpark industry is growing fast with themed resort installations, a popular weekend destination for families within driving distances.

  • Pool Outbreak Sickens 200

    More than 200 people in July were sickened by a recreational water illness outbreak at a Pennsylvania university swimming pool that appears to have multiple contaminants.

  • Paralyzed Teen Wins $16M After Diving Accident

    A Kansas City, Mo., jury has awarded $16 million in compensatory damages to a teen who was left a quadriplegic after diving off a pier where warning signs were not properly displayed.

  • Minnesota Entrapment Hastens National Safety Bill

    The evisceration of a 6-year-old Minnesota girl has brought suction entrapment to the forefront of the national press and will likely speed passage of the first national pool and spa safety law.

  • Retrial Slashes Judgment in Cruise Ship Case

    In a recent retrial, a New York jury found a spa pump company liable for $15.2 million in a 1994 cruise ship disease outbreak, down from its prior amount of $47.6 million.

  • Multiple Drownings Rock Waterpark Industry

    Waterparks and waterpark resorts are reeling after a series of drownings this summer.

  • Lifeguarding: Old Guard

    Grandma?s come a long way from donning an apron and baking cookies or sitting in her rocking chair while knitting a sweater.

  • Bridges Bay Resort Sued for Pollution Violation

    The Iowa state attorney general has filed a lawsuit against a new waterpark resort, claiming it had repeated environmental violations.

  • Dells Launches Major Ad Push

    In an effort to attract new audiences to its waterpark resorts and sites, the Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau has launched a $7.2 million marketing campaign this summer.

  • ISHOF and Transpersonal Swimming Institute Team Up to Combat Drowning

    The International Swimming Hall of Fame and the Transpersonal Swimming Institute have teamed up to create a new generation of swim instructors who understand how to teach people with a fear of water.

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    Dream Designs 2007

    When innovation marries creativity, the result is a crowd-pleasing waterpark with an extraordinary theme.

  • Gary Thill

    Talkin' About an Evolution

    You hold in your hands the product of evolution. Like all evolutions, this one started out simple, the conceptual equivalent of a gelatinous, single-celled organism.

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    Smooth Operations

    For all the specialization in the field of aquatics facility design, it’s clear the firms that design and build commercial aquatics facilities generally don’t use or operate them.

  • Gary Thill

    It's in the Water

    Some time ago, I wrenched my back just before a big trip. As the physical therapist mercilessly ground her fist into my lower back, she warned me that long airplane trips would stiffen my spine significantly and that I should prepare for more pain. Though

  • Historic Weeki Wachee Springs in Jeopardy

    The mermaids at historic Weeki Wachee Springs are again at risk of extinction if they lose the battle over their lease with a state agency.

  • Pool School

    Teaching swimming has always been a popular way for aquatics professionals to augment personal income or a facility’s revenue stream.

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    Put it to the Test

    You may think you’re using the most accurate water-test kit available, but it still can read incorrectly or differently than expected.

  • Slippery Rock's Aquatics Revived, Still in Doubt

    After initially cutting eight varsity sports, including men’s and women’s water polo and swimming, Slippery Rock University has reinstated the women’s aquatics teams in compliance with the Title IX federal law — at least for now.

  • Therapy: War Recovery

    For military veterans who return from war with wounds and injuries, it’s tough to be all they can be.

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    Healing Waters

    It doesn’t take long to notice that people in pools are having fun.

  • Canadian Drowning Study Reveals Risk Factors

    Public pools have the least drowning risk, while backyard pools and boating have the highest risk for children under 5 and males aged 15 to 44, respectively.

  • Study: Indoor Pool Air Hazardous to Employees

    A new Dutch study adds more evidence to the need for better air quality management, showing that indoor aquatics professionals are more likely to suffer from respiratory illnesses than their outdoor peers.

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    Fact and Fiction

    As an operator of a flat-water beach in Michigan, I’m constantly stunned by the arguments and discussion voiced by many of my peers about the ways to avoid drowning litigation

  • USA Swimming Launches Outreach Campaign

    USA Swimming has launched the “Make A Splash” campaign, with the ambitious goals of tackling minority drowning, aquatic diversity and childhood obesity.

  • Wet and Wild

    Move over, pandas and giraffes.

  • Photo by Henry Olivas/Photo Illustration by Victoria Parnes

    Opening Season

    With summer just around the corner, facilities across the country are busy brushing off the winter dust in preparation for swim season

  • AutoPilot Initiates Recall

    AutoPilot is recalling several of its salt chlorine generator models because they may pose a risk of fire

  • Great Wolf Air Quality Issues Worsen, Feds Investigate

    County health officials have called in federal investigators to examine the indoor air quality at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio, after a series of complaints from visitors with respiratory illnesses.

  • Phelps Breaks Five Records, Wins Seven Golds

    In what FINA President Mustapha Larfaoui has called “the biggest and best in [the] history” of World Championships, athletes shattered a total of 15 world records during the 2007 event in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Gary Thill

    And the Winner Is...

    Since getting to know so many of you as editor of this magazine, I have been unendingly impressed with the level of caring, professionalism and passion you put into your work and the advancement of aquatics.

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    Exercise Your Options

    Her whole life, Dorothy Hamilton feared going into the water.

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    A Swim Gym

    Some aquatics facilities have purchased exercise equipment to draw more interest into their programs.

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    Comparison Shopping

    Then it comes to operator certification, aquatics professionals have three main choices: • NRPA’s Aquatic Facility Operator.

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    Everyone in the Pool

    In designing a pool facility, Scott Hester has a lot to consider.

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    Air Cleaners

    Almost everyone has experienced the obnoxious chlorine odor and irritating red eyes of a poorly maintained indoor pool. Most assuredly, this is a sign of too much chlorine right?

  • Trends: Online Training

    To more planes, trains and automobiles. When a big meeting is scheduled, rather than file into a conference room, you may be more likely to see attendees duck into an office, boot up their computers and log onto the Internet.

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    Sun Screens

    Summer is just around the corner and young and old will be coming to aquatics facilities to beat the heat.

  • Tulsa Settles Splashpad RWI Deaths Case

    Families of two unrelated children who died of a recreational water illness in 2005 are receiving a settlement payment from the city of Tulsa, Okla.

  • Pentair Judgment Reduced in Legionnaires' Case

    A New York judge reduced a $193 million verdict that a jury had ordered a subsidiary of Pentair Inc. to pay to Celebrity Cruises.

  • Great Wolf Lodges Face Water and Air Quality Issues

    Water quality issues have recently plagued two Great Wolf Resorts properties first with wastewater treatment violations at its Pocono Township, Pa. location, followed by ill guests at its Mason, Ohio, waterpark.

  • APSP Cancels '07 Leadership Conference

    The 2007 APSP Leadership Conference has been cancelled and association officials are re-evaluating the event in an attempt to bring it back in a better, more vitalized form.

  • Let's Talk Money

    Money is one of those things you don’t talk about in polite conversation, especially when it comes to the question of how much of it people make.

  • Gary Thill

    Labors of Love

    At my very first journalism class, the professor put it in plain terms: Anyone who wanted to make money was in the wrong major.

  • Gary Thill

    Winning Outlook

    When you work for a municipality or waterpark, it’s sometimes easy to forget that you’re part of a much larger industry, one that touches millions of people every day and contributes billions to the economy.

  • Changing of the Guard at APSP

    The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, which produces many aquatics standards, has made staff changes that reflect what its leader calls “a changing of the guard.”

  • Australian Drought Affecting Pools

    In the midst of a Stage 3 drought, the Australian state of Victoria has banned the use of tap water to fill pools.

  • Photo courtesy Hermiston Aquatic Center

    Getting with the Program

    When the Silliman Family Aquatic Center in Newark, Calif., opened in 2004, senior recreation supervisor Peter Beireis had no idea if the pool would be mobbed or empty.

  • Source: SeaKlear

    Trapping the Enemy

    Properly maintained sand filters do a fine job of keeping swimming pool water free of much of the undesirable bits and pieces that become suspended in it during normal use

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    Let's Play

    Then Carolyn Hamilton was shopping for play structures, she was bombarded with numerous options.

  • Photo courtesy Jim Messina

    Key Play Structure Considerations

    Demographics. Who will use the structure? Young children or teens? Knowing the answer to that question will help you decide which type is right for you.

  • Photo courtesy Jim Messina

    On Guard

    Alot of chaos can occur around a play structure.

  • Emerging Markets: Residential Sprayparks

    In summers past, kids would drag out the long, green garden hose and attach a sprinkler of their choice.

  • UNICEF, European Aquatics Promote Safe Water

    Hoping to reduce by half the number of people lacking safe water, the Swimming League of Europe and UNICEF have joined forces to raise awareness about clean water practices.

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    Traumatic Experiences

    For years, aquatics professionals have been wrestling with questions about availability and use of life-support devices and techniques, including automatic electronic defibrillators, bag valve masks, suction devices, oxygen, artificial respiration and CPR

  • N.Y. County to Require UV on Pools

    In a move that could be a harbinger for the state, Westchester County, N.Y., has adopted the state’s ultraviolet sanitation system requirement for commercial pools with waterfeatures.

  • Six Flags Sells Major Waterparks

    Six Flags Inc. (NYSE: SIX) has sold three of its waterparks and four theme parks in a $312 million deal designed to reduce debt.

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    It’s difficult to avoid clichés about “making waves” when it comes to describing Tom Lochtefeld.

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    In the past two years, Cullen Jones has leapt onto the aquatics scene in such a big way, setting a world record in the 50-meter freestyle at the World University Games and signing an unprecedented $2 million endorsement deal with Nike.

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    Kevin Johnston understood the importance of aquatic education from day one as a lifeguard in Spokane, Wash.

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    Bob Hubbard has one major goal: to teach all kids to swim. As president of the United States Swim School Association, he has more than 300 members involved, with about 500,000 students collectively.

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    Juliene Hefter takes her job seriously. “I’m very passionate about the aquatic profession,” she says.

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    Gary Hall, Jr. is a ten-time Olympic medalist, part of a swimming dynasty, (his father, Gary Hall, Sr., was also a three-time Olympian swimmer) and a fighter (his unique training involves boxing techniques and he’s the only swimmer endorsed by Everl

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    Tom Griffiths, Ed.D., is not known for being quiet about his causes. These days, the 57-year-old is speaking loudly about three major issues: shallow-water blackout, genetic drowning triggers and pool-bottom visualization difficulties for lifeguards.

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    As a 40-year aquatics veteran and a former swim coach, Louis “Sam” Fruia never heard of a recreational water illness until he attended a conference that discussed the topic.

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    John Emery is a family man. “The water is the universal family thing to do,” he says.

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    For Tina Dittmar, the pool is always half-full. “I think there’s a lot in the future for aquatics, a lot of creativity in the way of utilizing technology and research, and I want to be one of those people who’s open to the future,”

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    John Cruzat has been hired to fix one of the most intractable problems in aquatics: how to diversify aquatics and lower minority drowning rates.

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    Australia’s Olympic swimming icon is no stranger to the spotlight.

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    As the aquatics chief of the National YMCA, Kay Smiley is witness to the ever-changing face of aquatic.

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    They were just a family of three out at the beach.

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    Doug Sackett has had a busy year and a half. “Aquatics took priority,” he says.

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    Doug Sackett has had a busy year and a half. “Aquatics took priority,” he says.

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    What Todd Nelson built in the Wisconsin Dells is something out of Africa — literally.

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    You might not guess it from his boyish look, but Rich Martin wields a considerable amount of power.

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    For a long time, diving legend Greg Louganis let two things get in the way of his fame, but neither was a diving board.

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    The 2007 Power 25

    Welcome to our third annual Power 25 issue.

  • Photo by Claudia Duncan

    Competitive Edge

    Aquatics professionals understand the importance of in-service training for lifeguards.

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    When it comes to lifeguarding, Jim Wheeler is for the “big brother” approach.