• Historic Weeki Wachee Springs in Jeopardy

    The mermaids at historic Weeki Wachee Springs are again at risk of extinction if they lose the battle over their lease with a state agency.

  • Pool School

    Teaching swimming has always been a popular way for aquatics professionals to augment personal income or a facility’s revenue stream.

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    Put it to the Test

    You may think you’re using the most accurate water-test kit available, but it still can read incorrectly or differently than expected.

  • Slippery Rock's Aquatics Revived, Still in Doubt

    After initially cutting eight varsity sports, including men’s and women’s water polo and swimming, Slippery Rock University has reinstated the women’s aquatics teams in compliance with the Title IX federal law — at least for now.

  • Therapy: War Recovery

    For military veterans who return from war with wounds and injuries, it’s tough to be all they can be.

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    Healing Waters

    It doesn’t take long to notice that people in pools are having fun.

  • Canadian Drowning Study Reveals Risk Factors

    Public pools have the least drowning risk, while backyard pools and boating have the highest risk for children under 5 and males aged 15 to 44, respectively.

  • Study: Indoor Pool Air Hazardous to Employees

    A new Dutch study adds more evidence to the need for better air quality management, showing that indoor aquatics professionals are more likely to suffer from respiratory illnesses than their outdoor peers.

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    Smooth Operations

    For all the specialization in the field of aquatics facility design, it’s clear the firms that design and build commercial aquatics facilities generally don’t use or operate them.

  • Gary Thill

    It's in the Water

    Some time ago, I wrenched my back just before a big trip. As the physical therapist mercilessly ground her fist into my lower back, she warned me that long airplane trips would stiffen my spine significantly and that I should prepare for more pain. Though