• Photo illustration by Denise Baker; Waterpark photo courtesy Wet 'n Wild

    Variable frequency drives can save your facility thousands — not to mention the planet.

    Would you like to save thousands of dollars in electric utility costs and protect vital equipment while at the same time reducing your aquatics facility’s carbon footprint?

  • Gary Thill

    Letting Down My Guard

    In my four-plus years as editor, I’ve seen numerous stories about children who drown.

  • Cryptosporidium Strikes Pools Across Nation

    A recent rash of cryptosporidium outbreaks have hit swimming pools across the country, even one equipped with ultraviolet systems

  • Image

    Breaking Point

    The practice of overapplying chlorine is a serious problem that is leading to negative media coverage for the aquatics industry.

  • Masterfile

    Need for Speed

    When talented, motivated, well-prepared athletes start achieving faster-than-predicated times, the venue in which it happens develops a reputation as a “fast” pool.

  • Masterfile

    Athletic Training & Fast Pools

    Before aquatic athletes compete, the training regimen that precedes an outstanding performance must be appreciated.

  • Image

    Liability Tips

    Hire pool consultants. They will check for compliance, safety hazards, design recommendations and other risk management issues of which owners may not be aware…

  • Image

    Program Addresses Unguarded Pools

    It’s the same scenario repeated over and over throughout Houston every summer: fire engines and ambulances racing to an apartment complex where a child drowned with no lifeguard on site

  • Rooftop Pools: Sky Diving

    Once upon a time, city kids envied suburban kids and their backyard swimming pools.

  • Image

    Swim at Your Own Risk

    The trip to Paramount’s Kings Island in Cincinnati was to be a graduation celebration for the Class of 2002 at the Goldblatt Elementary School in Chicago.

  • Rise in Eye Infections Linked to Swimming Pools

    The Environmental Protection Agency’s mandate to reduce the amount of chemicals used to sanitize public water, including pools, may be the cause behind a recent increase in a rare eye infection among contact lens users, especially swimmers.