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    2007 Top Waterparks

    When you’re one of the nation’s Top 10 waterparks, you naturally want to maintain your position.

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    Public Watchdogs

    The 2007 swim season has nearly closed and the following question arises: What important issues are public health officials focusing on for the future? Cryptosporidium’s chlorine resistance has resulted in its emergence as the leading cause of diarrheal i

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    A Timing Issue

    One school of thought suggests that swimming pool lifeguards must scan their zone of coverage in 10 seconds and respond to persons in need within the next 20 seconds.

  • Sliding Home

    The waterpark industry is growing fast with themed resort installations, a popular weekend destination for families within driving distances.

  • Pool Outbreak Sickens 200

    More than 200 people in July were sickened by a recreational water illness outbreak at a Pennsylvania university swimming pool that appears to have multiple contaminants.

  • Paralyzed Teen Wins $16M After Diving Accident

    A Kansas City, Mo., jury has awarded $16 million in compensatory damages to a teen who was left a quadriplegic after diving off a pier where warning signs were not properly displayed.

  • Minnesota Entrapment Hastens National Safety Bill

    The evisceration of a 6-year-old Minnesota girl has brought suction entrapment to the forefront of the national press and will likely speed passage of the first national pool and spa safety law.

  • Retrial Slashes Judgment in Cruise Ship Case

    In a recent retrial, a New York jury found a spa pump company liable for $15.2 million in a 1994 cruise ship disease outbreak, down from its prior amount of $47.6 million.

  • Multiple Drownings Rock Waterpark Industry

    Waterparks and waterpark resorts are reeling after a series of drownings this summer.

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    Success and Safety

    Sometimes an issue of the magazine develops an unintended theme.

  • Collapse Leads to Statewide Inspection of Okla. Parks

    The collapse of a water ride at Big Splash Water Park in Tulsa, Okla., has spurred state department officials and politicians to begin inspecting all of Oklahoma’s waterpark rides.