• Gary Thill

    In Tribute to Jules Field

    There are people you meet in life who make an indelible impression, who change the way you look at yourself and your world. For me, Jules Field was one of those people.

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    A Valuable Lesson

    One of the hardest messages to get across to young guards is the importance of staying vigilant.

  • Photo courtesy La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center

    Big Splash

    The Los Angeles suburb of La Mirada, Calif., is in waterpark ground zero.

  • Waterpark Accidents Injure Patrons

    Disaster struck at two separate waterparks recently. In Elmhurst, Ill., 20 patrons were hospitalized following a chlorine leak at the Mayan Adventure Waterpark by Holiday Inn on Jan. 21.

  • Legislation: The Big Picture

    The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act may not be the only new law for the industry over the coming year.

  • Pentair Sued in Entrapment Case

    The family of a Minnesota girl who was entrapped by a wading pool drain last summer has sued Sta-Rite, a subsidiary of industry giant Pentair Inc., which manufactured the drain.

  • New Homeland Security Rules In Effect

    New Department of Homeland Security rules are targeting public pools, and those not in compliance may face substantial fines.

  • The Great Swim

    During the summer of 1926, journalists from America and Europe focused their readers' attention on who would become the first woman to swim the English Channel.

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    Killer Parties

    Pools provide the perfect platform to host parties: water, spacious decks, ample chairs and tables for lounging and socializing.

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    Bug Zappers

    Recreational water illnesses are a major concern for facility operators, with outbreaks up significantly last year.

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    Heart Warming

    For generations, swimming has been the exercise recommendation of choice for children born with cystic fibrosis.