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    Lost in Translation

    Finding qualified lifeguards is one of the biggest challenges to running a safe facility

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    Cold Comfort

    At indoor waterpark resorts, swimming is no longer an activity relegated to the summer

  • Stimulating Thoughts

    A federal stimulus package of nearly $800 billion is well on its way to doing what it can to get the economy back on track

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    Explosive Consequences

    The Gypsum Recreation Center had been open for 1 1/2 years, and it was time to drain the swimming pool for cleaning and maintenance

  • Warning Signs

    Use this chart to recognize high-risk swimmers.

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    Risk Takers

    All lifeguards are taught victim recognition and effective scanning

  • Waterparks Celebrate Grand Reopenings

    Closed for repairs since last September’s Hurricane Ike, the Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark reopened on March 14

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    VGB Act-Related Sales Rising

    An uptick in sales of drain covers and suction vacuum release systems (SVRS’s) indicates increasing awareness of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act among pool operators

  • Toddler Swim Instruction May Prevent Drowning

    A new study substantiates what aquatics professionals have long believed, and it may change the stance of a key pediatrics group

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    VGB Act’s Author Wants Nationally Funded Swim Lessons

    The chief author of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act wants national funding for swim lessons, according to remarks at the eighth annual National Drowning Prevention Symposium

  • Red Cross Revamps Certifications

    The American Red Cross has officially launched a new water safety instructor certification program and anyone currently teaching the 2004 programs must update to the new curriculum by December.

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    Bad Press

    Fallen hero, or mere mortal? That’s the question many have been debating since the release of photos showing Olympic golden boy Michael Phelps smoking a marijuana pipe

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    Research: Swimming Cuts Death Rate in Half

    Aquatics professionals have been touting the healthfulness of swimming for years, and now science confirms what they’ve been saying.

  • Tom Griffiths to Retire from Penn State

    Tom Griffiths, director of aquatics at Penn State University, will leave his position at the State College, Pa., institution after 23 years

  • Aquatics Operators Facing A Flood of Applicants for Seasonal Jobs

    When the economy goes down, the number of people looking for seasonal and part-time employment goes up

  • CDC to Release Chemical Handling Guidelines

    Just in time for the summer swim season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released new guidelines for safe handling of potentially hazardous pool chemicals

  • Waterparks to Lure Guests With New Attractions

    In spite of the down economy, waterpark operators across the nation are optimistic that once the doors are open this summer, the crowds will come

  • Allergies Attributed to Pool 'Shock'

    A researcher has linked certain water-related skin rashes to an allergy to potassium peroxymonosulfate,…

  • U.S. Masters Swimming to Establish National HQ

    U.S. Masters Swimming has opened its first national headquarters

  • Aquatics Operators Kick Off Summer Early With Underwater Easter Egg Hunts

    To celebrate spring and jump-start the summer swim season, a number of waterparks and aquatics facilities recently opened the doors for Easter celebrations including underwater egg hunts and other festivities

  • Communities Embrace Alternatives for Heating Pool Water

    To save money, it appears more communities are considering alternatives for heating pool water

  • Volunteers Pitching In to Maintain Public Parks, Properties

    That may not be too far off the mark, as cash-strapped cities across the nation are getting creative to maintain services in spite of cutbacks

  • FINA Says “Not So Fast!”

    Following the record-breaking results of new high-tech swimwear, FINA has amended its requirements for swimwear approval

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    The Wave Maker

    George Millay, the creative founder of Sea World (San Diego, Ohio & Florida), Magic Mountain (Valencia, CA) and the first waterpark in the world, Wet ’n Wild in Orlando, was one of the most….

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    The Real CSI

    Since the early 1960s, the pool industry has been using a familiar concept called the Calcium Saturation Index to predict water’s tendency to be corrosive or scale-forming

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    Casting a Wide Net

    Nickelodeon Family Suites in Orlando, Fla., often saw numerous people come by its Web site and transition from site visitors to hotel visitors

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    Navigating Other Sites

    With the interactivity of the Web comes the risk involved with free speech: guest critiques

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    Searching for Financial Solutions

    No doubt about it, the economic crisis has resulted in a significant change in the financial landscape

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    Pain Relief

    Symptoms of fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), a condition characterized by chronic and often debilitating pain of muscles and fibrous tissues, may be eased by regular participation in aquatic exercise

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    Crypto Control: Action Plan

    It’s vital that pool operators develop action plans to respond immediately if health officials announce an outbreak or increase in…

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    Crypto Control: The Media

    is making headlines and if there’s an outbreak in your area, it’s very likely you’ll be receiving calls from reporters.

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    Crypto Control: Patrons

    If a crypto outbreak or a significant increase in cases is reported in your area, expect to field a barrage of inquiries from patrons, whether crypto has been linked to your pool or not.

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    Recession Proof?

    Layoffs. Salary freezes. Expansion plans derailed. Aquatics operators are dealing with it all in light of the current economic downturn

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    Cross Contamination

    It wasn’t until the health inspector started putting on a hazmat suit that it really hit me: This was not just another fecal contamination.