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    Coming Full Circle

    Any way you slice it, designing your waterpark resort as a whole means increased efficiency, and that’s a positive all around.

  • Gary Thill

    The More Things Change

    Love the New Year! It?s our annual chance to start fresh

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    Taken for a Ride

    Several years ago at my first ?real? manager position with a municipal year-round facility, I was planning to take a short vacation

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    On the Job Training

    Aquatics managers are faced with the responsibility to ensure their lifeguards are trained to the highest standards, and training those staffers isn?t getting any easier

  • On-Shift Training Ideas

    Monitor the lifeguard?s scanning time and give spontaneous feedback

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    Just Add Water

    When Susan and Jon Foss went looking for a new location for their swim school in 1998, they stumbled upon what some say is a new business model for the aquatics industry

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    Most Pools Fail to Comply with Safety Act

    As many as 80 percent of U.S.

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    Slow Economy Forces Show Cancellations

    The current economic crisis has forced two major industry organizations to cancel upcoming events.

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    SPLASH! Aquatic Shows From A to Z: Their Art, Planning & Production Plus Aquatic History & Trivia

    Las Vegas has become known for its opportunities to gamble, eat, drink, shop and see world class entertainment.

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    Bragging Rights

    I believe that drowning, in most circumstances, is a preventable tragedy. While other experts have made this statement, few have ever accomplished or proven it.

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    Good Circulation

    Dirt, leaves and algae in a pool?s corners will create persistent problems. Eliminating these ?dead spots? requires a properly functioning circulation system that redistributes debris between the strainer and the filter.

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    Stamp of Approval

    The term “green” is fast becoming a part of everyday practice in many businesses, and the waterpark resort industry is no different.

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    What’s good for the Earth can be great for the bottom line.

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    Destination Green

    Protecting the planet isn’t just a fad anymore. Here’s why experts say the resort industry’s green movement is here to stay.

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    Green Predictions

    Want to know what’s in store for the future of green technology? Here are three predictions from the Green Hotels Association.

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    Checking Into Pre-hab

    Working in the water with elderly clients, whether for rehabilitation, wellness or ?pre-habilitation,? has shown me that these most fragile members of our population need and deserve to work with well-trained aquatic therapists.

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    Lee Yarger | Ball State University

    After receiving more aquatic job notices last fall than during any other 60-day period since 2002, you?d think Lee Yarger, coordinator of aquatic degree programs at Ball State University, Muncie, Ind., would be the first to say there?s no slowdo

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    Kent Williams | Professional Pool Operators of America

    Given his years of industry experience, you might think Kent Williams, executive director of the Professional Pool Operators of America in Newcastle, Calif., has seen it all when it comes to aquatics. You would be wrong.

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    Jill White | Starfish Aquatics Institute

    The Beatles got by with a little help from their friends, and according to Jill White, co-founder of Starfish Aquatics Institute in Champaign, Ill., during tough times it may be more important than ever for aquatics facility operators to recognize the val

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    David Sangree | Hotel & Leisure Advisors

    With many new waterpark resort development projects on hold until credit markets open up, growth in the waterpark resort market has slowed dramatically.

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    Kay Smiley | YMCA of the USA

    The YMCA was founded on the premise that it would offer ?programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

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    Tom Saldarelli | RehaMed International

    Tom Saldarelli?s view of the economy is simple. ?There?s a lack of confidence [in the economy] right now fostering a reluctance to spend,? says the CEO of RehaMed International in Homestead, Fla.

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    Chuck Neuman | Water Technology

    Ups and downs are all part of a normal, healthy economy, but from Chuck Neuman?s perspective, this is the first time a slump has so deeply affected the entire system.

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    Alison Osinski, Ph.D. | Aquatic Consulting Services

    Slow economy? With many operators still working to come into compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, and continued concerns over crypto, Alison Osinski, Ph.D., believes there?s enough work to be done to keep the industry bu

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    Todd Nelson | Kalahari Resorts

    Recession-proof.? That?s what some have dubbed the waterpark resort market.

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    Dan Martin | Economics Research Associates

    As a vice president in the Chicago office of Economics Research Associates, Dan Martin knows a thing or two about market trends.

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    Randy Mendioroz | Aquatic Design Group

    In my experience, during hard times people stay home, so the demand for parks and municipal recreation increases,? says Randy Mendioroz, founder and principal of Aquatic Design Group in Carlsbad, Calif. Perhaps that?s one reason his company is n

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    Judith Leblein-Josephs | Judith Leblein-Josephs and Associates

    If your community has already secured funding for a new pool, consider yourself lucky. Thanks to the housing crisis, it?s a buyers market in all sectors of development and construction.

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    Tom Lachocki | National Swimming Pool Foundation

    The aquatics industry may be feeling the pinch, but operators have reason to take heart. So says Tom Lachocki, Ph.D., CEO of the National Swimming Pool Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colo.

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    Bill Kent | Team Horner Group

    with less money expected in many aquatics facility budgets, industry manufacturers and distributors are bracing for what may be a tight summer.

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    Adolph Kiefer | Adolph Kiefer & Associates

    Having grown up during the Great Depression, Adolph Kiefer knows a thing or two about hard times. But this industry veteran sees it much differently than most.

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    Scot Hunsaker | Counsilman-Hunsaker

    How can you add value to your facility? The shrinking economy brings that question to the forefront more than ever before, according to Scot Hunsaker, chief operating officer of St. Louis-based Counsilman-Hunsaker.

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    Mark Hatchel | Kimley-Horn and Associates

    Central High School in York, Pa.; North Park YMCA in North Fort Worth, Texas, the aquatic playground at Hilton Head Park in Rancho San Diego ... even in this weak economy, new pools are opening.

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    Bob Hubbard | Hubbard Family Swim Schools

    As owner of Hubbard Family Swim Schools in Phoenix, Bob Hubbard is a true entrepreneur.

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    Tom Griffiths | Penn State University

    What is your most important mission as an aquatics professional? Tom Griffiths would argue that it?s teaching every child to swim.

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    Tina Dittmar | City of Laguna Nigel, Calif.

    When officials in Laguna Nigel, Calif., placed a $50,000 aquatics facility improvement project on hold, Tina Dittmar, aquatics supervisor, knew the economic crisis had officially hit home.

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    Jeff Ellis | Jeff Ellis & Associates

    Would-be Wall Street-types running your snack bar? Seniors on your lifeguard stands? Operators must be willing to consider some seemingly strange changes to survive in this new economy, according to Jeff Ellis, CEO of Jeff Ellis & Associates in Ocoee,

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    Shawn DeRosa | DeRosa Aquatic Consulting

    In today?s economic climate, budgets are being [more] closely scrutinized and spending is being [more] carefully controlled, not only by supervisors and boards but also by patrons,? says Shawn DeRosa JD, president of DeRosa Aquatic Consulting in

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    Curt Caffey | CNL Lifestyle Co.

    The industry may face a rough 2009, but Curt Caffey, vice president of investments at CNL Lifestyle Co. in Orlando, Fla., says today?s economic problems are ultimately a short-term thing.

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    Chris Brewster | United States Lifesaving Association

    From where he sits as president of the Huntington Beach, Calif.-based United Sates Lifesaving Association, Chris Brewster has concerns over how government cutbacks will hurt lifeguarding.

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    Craig Barker | City of Destin, Fla.

    Just like so many other communities across the country,Destin, Fla., is facing significant budget challenges.

  • Power 25

    The current economic crisis is likely to shape much of what happens in 2009. We?ve asked past Power 25 honorees to weigh in on how it might affect aquatics and what professionals can do to weather the storm.

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    Powerful Forces

    Twenty miles? 200 miles? 2,000 miles? Wall Street may be a long way from your facility, but with the current economic situation, financial issues have come much closer to home for many aquatics professionals.