• VGB x 1,000?

    For the aquatics industry, the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act confirmed the worst fears about government regulation: It was carelessly crafted, poorly communicated, arbitrarily enforced and blindly implemented.

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    Going in Depth 

    In my years as an operator, one of the most difficult skills to master has been the art of delegating tasks

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    Going Blind 

    It’s the start of the season. Your guards are ready to go!  Skills are sharp

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    Cracking the Code 

    When officials in Charleston, S.C., heard that their state’s Department of Health and Environmental Control was going to start enforcing its lifeguard standard this year, they immediately closed half of the Martin Luther King Jr. Pool. 

  • Negative Press Hounds Industry

    Pop the champagne and start counting down, 2010 is almost over and it’s time to start looking ahead. 

  • Millions Awarded for VGB Education

    A number of industry groups recently were awarded millions of dollars in federal contracts to provide training and education on drowning prevention, as well as swimming pool and spa safety

  • USA Swimming Boosts Athlete Protection

    In light of several well-publicized lawsuits alleging sexual abuse by USA Swimming coaches (46 are now permanently banned by the organization), USA Swimming has formally passed several measures at its recent House of Delegates meeting.

  • Highly Publicized Studies Link Cancer, DBPs 

    Three recently released research papers that were played up in the national media have provided new insight on disinfection byproducts — and their potentially harmful effects.

  • Ellis Expands Offerings to Nonclient Facilities 

    Jeff Ellis & Associates is growing its portfolio of services, making its International Lifeguard Training Program available to nonclient aquatics facilities, resorts, individual lifeguard instructors and more.

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    Coded Language 

    In the development of the Model Aquatic Health Code, one of the more challenging technical committees has been the group tackling lifeguarding/bather supervision.

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    Clarifying the Code 

    In the United States, there is no federal regulatory authority for disinfected recreational venues; all pool codes are developed, reviewed and approved by state and/or local public health officials.