• Happy Dance

    Turns out the Great Recession, as some are now calling it, actually may make aquatics, and waterparks in particular, happy.

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    Power to the People 

    For a little over a year now, I’ve been working as the aquatics director for a new community natatorium at a high school. 

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    Spray-on Solutions

    With their hands-on family fun and imaginative heat relief, sprayparks are catching on in communities around the globe. 

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    Putting on the Polish 

    The many available first aid, CPR-AED, oxygen administration, emergency response and specialty venue lifeguard training courses are obvious examples of advanced training you can provide.

  • Hot Summer Brings Crowds, Crypto

    Labor Day has come and gone and that means your seasonal pools are all probably shuttered for the winter.

  • Deadline Looms for New ADA Law Compliance

    After a six-year wait, the Americans with Disabilities Act swimming pool guidelines have become the law of the land. Aquatics facilities now have 18 months to comply with the new law or seek an unlikely exclusion

  • Sneak Peek: Free Online MAHC Conference 

    For the second consecutive year, Aquatics International is hosting a virtual conference. This year’s conference will tackle the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code and its potential impact on the aquatics industry

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    Shallow Trouble?

    With large aquatics centers and waterparks increasing in popularity

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    Easing the Trauma 

    Chronic effects of traumatic brain injury are getting the attention and research necessary to better identify, prevent and rehabilitate these injuries.

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    Noah’s Ark Family Park:Three

    As soon as Tim Gantz recognized that people’s reluctance to spend money would impact his waterpark’s bottom line this year, he knew he wouldn’t be able to thrive alone. So he found a couple of willing partners to help him out

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    Palace Entertainment:Four 

    When the recession first hit, cutting spending on upkeep was not an option for James Judy.

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    Survival of the Fittest

    It’s no secret the economic downturn 

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    Great Wolf Resorts:One

    Great Wolf Resorts has always been proud of its amenities as an indoor waterpark 

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    Magic Waters:Two

    At Magic Waters in Rockford, Ill., something magical happens