• Do You Matter?

    Sometimes, sitting at my desk, I start to wonder if what I do really matters.

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    New Waterpark Standards In Development

    Behind every good waterpark is a good … waterpark code? That’s at least what a number of industry professionals might say who are working to develop new regulations.

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    New Initiative to Reduce Lightning Injuries, Deaths

    The United States Lifesaving Association, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service have launched a new lifeguard lightning safety initiative.

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    It’s London or Bust for U.S. Swimmers

    The 2012 Olympic games will begin in just about two weeks and the U.S. swimmers are ready to go for gold.

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    California Lawmakers Strike Down Pool Bill

    California lawmakers have struck down AB 1726, a public health bill which would have required that public swimming pools be operated by a qualified (certified) pool operator.

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    Report: Crypto Education Works

    Health officials are heralding a new report that analyzes a widespread Utah RWI outbreak as offering key lessons to avoid future incidents.

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    States Face New Laws

    Lawmakers in South Carolina and Florida have passed new pool regulations that will impact staffing and construction.

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    Lifeguard Firing Sparks Ellis Apology, Surprise Announcement

    Jeff Ellis Management has publically apologized for the firing of a Florida lifeguard earlier this month, which made national headlines and spurred worldwide dialogue

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    More Coaches Accused of Sexual Abuse

    At least three coaches have been arrested in as many months for alleged sexual abuse involving young swimmers.

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    Affordable Care Act:What Does It Mean for You?

    Last month’s Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act paves the way for health care reform to move forward.

  • Priceless

    Community-owned Hyland Hills Water World prides itself in teaching children the life-saving skill of swimming. 

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    Shadow Ops

    If you have been in aquatics for more than a few years, you’ve probably heard of a Shadow Guard Program.

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    Climbing Higher

    When I started writing this column, I did so out of my love for aquatics, the growing need to increase awareness within our industry, and to inspire aquatics managers to improve minority participation.

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    View products from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers

    AQUASALT Loves the Pool & Spa Industry!

  • Full Access?

    It was good news for the aquatics industry when the U.S. Department of Justice ruled to allow portable pool lifts this spring, but that turnaround represents only a fraction of the most recent Americans with Disabilities Act requirements

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    Smart Water

    In the past few years the aquatics industry has experienced an aggressive use of mandates (Virginia Graeme Baker Act, ADA compliance, APSP codes).