• Here Comes the Rain Again

    A Denver facility comes up with a rain-check policy that’s a win-win for everyone

  • Natural History

    After a century of renovations and updates, a Minneapolis park’s swimming hole will return to its freshwater origins and become the nation’s first “natural” public swimming pool.

  • In the Danger Zone

    The drills here focus on team extrication for incidents where the victim is unconscious and in need of immediate care.

  • Is CYA Out on the Inside?

    Everyone agrees that adding cyanuric acid to a pool extends the life of the chlorine by protecting it from damage by the sun’s UV rays.

  • Power of Persuasion

    High unemployment, crunched budgets and lower tax revenues have put financial stress on many locales. Those pressures can make a new waterpark very appealing.

  • CPSC Head to Leave in Fall

    Inez Tenenbaum, chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, will not seek renomination for her post.

  • Connecticut Drownings Spark Bills

    Two drownings in Connecticut high schools have spurred state legislation that some claim could pose an unmanageable financial burden.

  • AOAP Conference & Expo a Hit

    The 2013 AOAP Conference & Expo attracted more attendees and exhibitors than last year, as well as strong support for its educational program.

  • Swimming for a Good Cause