Lifeguarding Drill: 3-Rescuer CPR position

This is the third drill in the 3-Rescuer CPR position drills. (Aquatics International, "CPR: Synchronized Teamwork", May 2013)


Lifeguards are in 3-person teams, with a primary rescuer, a secondary rescuer and a tertiary rescuer. A manikin will be used for the victim.

Rescuers will be wearing a fanny pack equipped with gloves and a pocket mask. Rescuers will bring in a BVM that will need to be assembled and an AED that needs to be set up.

Victim is considered a dry victim with no spinal injury.

Rescuers will position themselves around the victim to provide the following skills:

Opening the airway/CPR Compressions
AED set up
BVM use

This is an all pass drill, meaning all rescuers must complete the drill for the lifeguard team to receive a pass. This drill must be completed in 5 seconds.

A 6-12 lifeguard team is preferred. Depending on size of staff, modify to accomodate needs.