Lifeguarding Drill: 3-Rescuer CPR/AED and BVM position with 1 rescuer removed

This is the fourth drill in the 3-Rescuer CPR position drills. (Aquatics International, "CPR: Synchronized Teamwork", May 2013)


Lifeguards are in 3-person teams, with a primary rescuer, a secondary rescuer and a tertiary rescuer. A manikin will be used for the victim.

Rescuers will be wearing a fanny pack equipped with gloves and a pocket mask. Rescuers will also bring in an AED and BVM.

Victim is considered a dry victim with no spinal injury.

Rescuers will position themselves around the victim to provide the following skills:

Opening the airway/CPR Compressions
AED set up
BVM assembled

After 5 seconds have passed, one rescuer will be tapped out, forcing the remaining 2 rescuers to modify their positions (if necessary) and provide the best patient care.

This is an all pass drill, meaning all rescuers must complete the drill for the lifeguard team to receive a pass. This drill must be completed in 10 seconds.

A 6-12 lifeguard team is preferred. Depending on size of staff, modify to accomodate needs.