Lifeguarding Drill: Extrication of a non-spinal victim using a 2-person removal with a backboard

This is the first drill in the extrication series (Aquatics International, "In the Danger Zone", April 2013)


Start with the primary rescuer in the water with the victim at the side of the pool. The secondary rescuer will be on the deck with the backboard.

Remove the victim from the water as quickly and safely as possible. Backboard and victim must be completely on the deck. No part of the backboard should be hanging over the water. Rescuers will have 20 seconds to complete the drill.

This is an all pass drill, meaning that all rescue teams must adhere to the guidelines and complete the drill within the designated time to receive a pass.

6-12 participants are preferred, however depending on size of staff and availability of equipment adjusted to meet your training needs.