Lifeguarding Drill: Kickback using an inverted breastroke kick with one arm towing

This is the seventh in the Kickback rescue drills.


Pair up your lifeguards and have them start on one side of the pool, one as the rescuer, and one as the victim. The victim will be on the rescue tube presenting as an unconscious victim. The rescuer will tow their victim across the width of the pool and back as quickly and safely as possible. With one arm towing, the rescuer is allowed to pull/swim with their free arm.

Depending on the width of the pool, it could take between 20-60 seconds to complete the drill. You'll need to determine what works for your pool. Ensure rescuers to not lose contact with the victim, and that the victim is NOT assisting by kicking, arm movement or body movement. Victim must remain compliant during drill.

This is an all pass drill, meaning all rescuers must complete the drill for the lifeguard team to receive a pass.

A 6-12 lifeguard team is preferred. Depending on size of staff, modify to accomodate needs.