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    In building a new indoor waterpark, Vermont’s Jay Peak resort plans to theme based on the local character and resort environment. The approach is similar to that of Dollywood’s Splash Country (shown) in Tennessee.

Jay Peak is one of Vermont’s premier ski resorts. It’s a favorite with seasoned skiers and riders, so when operators decided to open a waterpark as part of a new hotel, they figured they were facing a crowd that would not be interested in any type of contrived theming.

Set to open by the end of the year, the waterpark has to feel like an extension of the mountain experience, says Steve Wright, vice president of sales, marketing and hospitality.

As a result, the plan for the waterpark is to tap into those core elements that guests have come to love about the property. That includes the thrill element, which embodies skiing and snowboarding, as well as the beauty of the surrounding locale.

According to Wright, several high-intensity water rides will be part of the waterpark, and builders will be incorporating elements from the local landscape, including natural rock and vegetation.

In addition, a key goal is to utilize local builders, artisans and craftspeople to create the waterpark, and supply food, décor and souvenirs to be sold in the gift shop.

“Our focus is ‘what would our core audience expect to see in a Jay Peak waterpark?’” Wright says.