Interesting fact: The 1,100-year-old town of Shrewsbury, England is the birthplace of Charles Darwin. So when officials wanted a spray feature, the deal came with a baked-in design theme and annual tourism market of 4 million. The design team had to meet a high standard, as the setting is Shrewsbury Quarry Park, a historic and award-winning property known as a hub of the city and host of its flower show.

The spraypark tells the story of Darwin’s work. The overall aesthetic evokes the Galapagos Islands, site of the naturalist’s historic five-year expedition. A feature called Anchors Away shows Darwin’s ship, the HMS Beagle. The Tula Spray flower and Papillon butterfly represent Darwin’s findings. A toddler feature was customized as a ladybug, and two cannons look like tortoises. Crawling ground sprays are fashioned as snakes and geckos.

A vibrant color palette reinforces the Galapagos theme. Natural greens and yellows are used, while blue play-pad surfacing indicates the sea. The overspray zone’s golden hue represents a sandy shore. Artificial turf ties the space together and requires less maintenance than natural lawn.

As for more practical issues, the zero-depth spraypad accommodates people of all ages and abilities. To increase play options, designers included a dry play area as well.


Circulation systems/gutters/interactive waterfeatures: Waterplay Solutions Corp.