Beloved Characters
The concept for this property uses a model that is still rare in the waterpark specialty, though it can be found at numerous amusement parks: the licensing and incorporation of intellectual property. The site is designed from characters and programs on Cartoon Network and comes courtesy of a licensing agreement between developer Amazon Falls Co. Ltd. and CN’s owner and operator, Turner International AsiaPacific. Cartoonival (pictured) provides smaller children with a mash-up of characters, including Courage the Cowardly Dog and Powerpuff Girls, to engage them in more than 150 interactive water-play features, including nine slides, two large spilling buckets and various fountains and tubes. Those seeking a little less stimulation can wade in the surrounding pool.

Thrill Zone
The park offers four distinct ride zones. The “Omniverse Zone,” fashioned after the cartoon series “Ben 10,” offers the most action. Anchoring the area is “Humungaslide,” in which two riders race in their rafts along 75 feet worth of circular slide and into the mouth of the alien Humungousaur.

In Space
Visitors in the zone also can ride Omnitrix, pictured at top. The first of its design, this slide stands 75 feet above the ground. The lengthy, fully enclosed tube slide drops riders into Ben 10’s alien device. The remaining zones on the property, making for a total of 10, offer food, shopping and entertainment.

Tourist Attraction
The 14-acre waterpark is located 20 minutes from the popular tourist destination Pattaya, Thailand, and two hours from Bangkok. It can accommodate 1 million annually.

Fast and Slow
In the Goop Loop water roller coaster, seen on the right side of the photo, riders can go from 0 to 2.5 Gs in less than two seconds, the owners say. Visitors start in an enclosed capsule and, once the trap door opens beneath their feet, drop into a 12-meter free fall to gain speed before entering the 360-degree loop. It is named after Goop, a Ben 10 character that is a pile of goo that can shift shapes. Sidling along the water roller coaster is Riptide Rapids, which provides visitors with a leisure tour of the park via the winding 1,100-foot route, which can be entered or exited on numerous landings.