You couldn't find a more appropriately named waterpark if you tried: It has taken the Houston area by storm -- and it is very much about Texas.

While the design and development team hoped that park would see 1/4 million visitors per year, it has averaged 400,000. The facility had to stop selling season passes, because they were moving too quickly, said Terry Brannon, president of Brannon Corp. in Tyler, Texas.

The theme originally was meant to emulate the Hill Country in central Texas, with its white limestone and metal roofs. But the team decided to expand it to pay tribute to the entire state.

"It's a style I’ll call Texana, where it’s built around all things Texas," Brannon said . "There’s a lot of old cars and pickup trucks, and the river is designed as a rock structure."

The features are plentiful: Multiple waterslides, with some towers hosting six slides, a child's spray park, a wave pool, and a 1,500-foot-long freeform lazy river. Some of the inner tubes for these rides accommodate up to seven people.

For the sake of convenience, a complete food court with plenty of restaurants, one being a barbecue joint with authentic smokers, were built in. The park also has four large restrooms strategically placed so one was near every feature, and long lines wouldn't form.

"So you aren't wasting the day in food lines, and you're not standing in line waiting for restrooms," Brannon says.

The 15-acre waterpark, with an additional 10 acres of parking space, were completed in what must be a record -- 10 months.