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On any given Sunday, over a chorus of barks, you might find a dachshund and a Saint Bernard swimming laps, a retriever learning how to dock dive, or a miniature horse walking on an underwater treadmill.

At PAWS Aquatics Water Sports and Rehab in Hillsboro, co-owner Julie Thomas laughs and says, “We see everything.”

That’s because PAWS Rehab offers a little bit of everything: underwater treadmill services and rehabilitation, exercise therapy, puppy orientation to swimming, swimming lessons for dogs, competitive dog dock diving, and free swim time for people with their pups.

Thomas, and her business partner Diane Kunkle, have found a unique market niche: indoor dog swimming for rehab and fun.

“I was laid off from Intel, and my mother was afraid I was going to lose my house,” Thomas said. “She offered to give me some of my inheritance and I said, ‘Great, I can start a dog pool.' "

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