During the crowded summer season, theme parks across Europe will be launching their latest attractions and competing for visitors’ attention. Europa-Park, however, is bucking the trend by unveiling Rulantica in November. And perhaps, for an undercover, year-round facility, winter is a good time to open a new waterpark.

Europa-Park had once been hoping to debut Rulantica earlier in the year. But as its biggest single expansion since the opening of the amusement park back in 1975, the €180 million ($200m) project took time.

“On one hand, we are an experienced operator,” says Rulantica’s Director, Michael Kreft von Byern. “On the other hand, we are a start-up in the waterpark industry. It’s amazing, it’s interesting, but it’s a big job. So many people said that with our experience we can do this easily. My reply was we also know how challenging it is. Our experience makes us humble.”

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