Before Dorney Park's Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, Penn. or the massive indoor facility, Aquatopia, at the nearby Camelback Resort, Terry Hill Waterpark was the place to be on a hot summer afternoon.

Presiding over its assortment of water-based attractions were a cast of colorful characters: an old woman in a shoe, a massive hen, a dragon or two and a 30-foot pirate by the name of Peg Leg, just to name a few.

Terry Hill Waterpark closed for good in 2014. It just couldn't compete with the likes of Aquatopia.

To make way for a new vineyard, colorful pieces of waterpark history were sold to the highest bidders over the weekend.

"The turnout shows that people have memories of the park," former owner Durell Shellhamer told the Reading Eagle. "They came to get a piece of Terry Hill Waterpark."

According to the Reading Eagle, the pirate sold for $7,000; the 7-foot hen, $1,600; and some of the waterslides, purchased for $4,100, will be shipped to Belize in Central America.

The scene was bittersweet.

"The slides and animal figures retained their allure despite their age," the Reading Eagle reported. "As Les Longenecker Auctioneers chanted below, children played on the waterless slides."

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