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The Value of Lifeguards to Our Mission

To fulfill the objectives of Water Safety Month, decisionmakers and the public... More

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What NOT to Do When a Patron Slips and Falls at Your Pool

A slip and fall on the pool deck reveals serious cracks in lifeguard training. More

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Lifeguards: Training to Work as a Team

In-service should prepare lifeguards to work as a team from the start to finish of... More

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How You Can Contribute to the U.S. National Water Safety Action Plan

Any facility can help with a key objective of the plan. Aquatics expert and... More

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How to Train Your Lifeguards to be Rescue Ready

Implement this series of lifeguard drills covering several facets of the rescue... More

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Mastering AEDs for Lifeguards

Learn these tips and an in-service to prepare your team for using this equipment. More

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Lifeguard Drills for Working in Multiples

Try these in-service drill scenarios that include multiple lifeguards, victims and... More

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Learn These Drills for Multiple Lifeguards, Victims and Routes

Learn Pete DeQuincy's Speed Rescue Drill, Multi-Lifeguard Two-on-One Drill and others More

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Submerged Victim with Extrication

In this 30-minute in-service, lifeguards build skills with passive victims. More

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Don't Overlook This Crucial Lifeguarding Skill in Your Training

Pete Dequincy’s 30 minute in-service for choking and controlling external bleeding More

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