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There have been two drownings this year in Richmond, Va. Both occurred at apartment complexes which are not legally obligated to staff swimming pools with lifeguards.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch investigated regulations concerning public and semi-private pools across the state and found a "patchwork" of laws that vary from city to city.

In short, some municipalities have codes requiring lifeguards at apartment pools; some don't.

Also among the Times-Dispatch findings are hotel and resort pools generally have a lax policies concerning safety, requiring only one adult who could perform the duties of a lifeguard to be on hand in case of an emergency. And state regulations are generally confined to water quality.

The recent drownings are now prompting some aquatics experts to call for more consistent laws across the state.

"[A] local organization called the Richmond Aquatics Professionals Group formed this year to promote best practices and to eventually consider suggestions for minimum standards for lifeguarding and operating pool facilities," the Times-Dispatch reports.

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