2009 Issues

January 2009 January 2009

2009 New products issue, Defining the aquatic segments, Capitalizing on the Phelps phenomenon, and more.

February 2009 February 2009

Power 25 issue, VGB Safety Act fallout, Simple circulation tests, Training guards on the clock, and more.

March 2009 March 2009

The truth about crypto. Budget pressures. Teaching adults to sing, Aquatic pilates, Properly written incident reports, and more.

April 2009 April 2009

Annual salary survey, The effect of a crypto outbreak, Calcium saturation index, Visa program challenges, Identifying at-risk swimmers, and more.

May 2009 May 2009

Crypto solutions, Aquatics facility handbook, VGB Act compliance, Water balance, Aquatic yoga, and more.

June 2009 June 2009

Green design, Favorite products of 2009, Rip currents, Biofilm, Lifeguard misperceptions, and more.

July 2009 July 2009

2009 Dream Designs, Killer cutbacks, Recognizing teamwork, Helping clients with special needs, and more.

September 2009 September 2009

Top 25 waterparks, Life jacket policies, Saving water, Core training, Dealing with sexual predators, and more.

October 2009 October 2009

Reinventing aquatics, Facility profiles, Energy costs, Strong RFPs & RFQs, Providing customer service, and more.

November 2009 November 2009

Pools of tomorrow, Advances in aquatic equipment, Flow rate, Training during the off-season, and more.

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