February 2010 Table of Contents

The Unlimited Plan Bottom Line The Unlimited Plan

Community aquatics facilities often strive to keep single-visit (daily admission) fees low to better serve the community (and the budget) by drawing more users Read more

The Great Greek Check Out The Great Greek

The largest ski resort in New York just got a little bigger Read more

Editor's Note Spring Cleaning

The weather is warming up, flowers are blooming and every year that means one thing at my house — spring cleaning Read more

Editor's Desk Who’s Your Inspiration?

Back in 2005, when we started featuring the Power 25, the industry was flying pretty high Read more

Power Points Lessons Learned Power Points

Just when you think things are going great, something happens to bring it all down Read more

Under Surveillance Lifesavers Under Surveillance

Maintaining constant, meaningful surveillance of patrons as they participate in aquatic activities is a key component of lifeguarding Read more

Working Order Maintenance Working Order

From the minute you open the gates in the morning, it’s show time, and your waterpark is the star Read more

News Wisconsin Implements VGB Act

As the July 1 deadline for documentation of progress or compliance with the VGB Act approaches, Read more

News Crypto Reported Overseas

Several crypto cases, all overseas, were reported recently. Read more

News Phelps Wins in Old Suit

Michael Phelps has helped usher in the new era of swimming, choosing to wear the old-style textile swimsuit over the new high-tech suits at December’s “Dual In the Pool” meet Read more

News Buzz: Waterpark Resorts Hit By the Recession

Three Illinois waterparks have been hit by the economic storm of 2009 Read more

News Chemical Spills Result In Hospitalizations, Injured Students

Several hazardous chemical spills were reported in late 2009 Read more

News Plans Shaping Up for National Water Safety Month, New Partners Announced

The International Swimming Hall of Fame and the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association will join existing partners in their support of the second annual National Water Safety Month, which will take place in May 2010 Read more

News Hayward Launches Commercial Division

Hayward Industries has launched a commercial division Read more

News American Red Cross Seeking Feedback

In preparation for the revision of its Lifeguarding portfolio, the American Red Cross is seeking feedback on its GuardStart: Lifeguarding Tomorrow course and other junior lifeguarding programs currently being used in the industry for youth ages 11 to 15 Read more

News Aquatic Therapy is the U.S. Army's Newest Recruit

For as long as there has been an army — and maybe longer — there have been wounded warriors Read more

News ARC Releases Clarification on Entry Depths

A clarification has been released regarding the Red Cross recommended depths for headfirst pool entries Read more

Things to Think About Now Park Planner Things to Think About Now

To maximize time, save indoor repairs and projects for inclement weather days Read more

Power 25 Power Company: Poseidon

With the Poseidon drowning detection system, aquatics has truly entered the age of technology Read more

Power 25 Power Company: Weber Group, LLC

When brothers Tom and Donny Weber started a design-build firm in 1983, they never anticipated the effect they would have on the aquatics industry Read more

Power 25 Power Company: Aquatic Safety Research Group

Dr. Tom Griffiths formed his consulting business, Aquatic Safety Research Group, to enhance safety and risk management in the industry Read more

Power 25 Power Company: Jeff Ellis & Associates

Before 1983, when Jeff Ellis started his company, virtually the only lifeguard-training program was the Red Cross course Read more

Power 25 Power Company: Neptune-Benson

For more than 50 years, Neptune-Benson Inc. has been a family-run leader in the aquatics industry Read more

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Power 25 Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Future generations of children might not learn the name of U.S Read more

John Whitmore Power 25 John Whitmore

You could say John Whitmore grew up cleaning pools Read more

Bruce Wigo Power 25 Bruce Wigo

They say you’ve got to understand where you’ve been to get where you’re going, and Bruce Wigo strives to do just that Read more

Doug Sackett Power 25 Doug Sackett

When Doug Sackett accepted a summer job inspecting pools for the New York State Department of Health, he never expected that decision would have such a lasting impact Read more

Chris Swartz Power 25 Chris Swartz

Watching his uncle — Ned Stancliff, former vice president of Herschend Family Entertainment — Chris Swartz knew he wanted to work in the amusement park industry Read more

Inez Tenenbaum Power 25 Inez Tenenbaum

With the passage of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has become one of the most influential — and controversial — agencies in the aquatics industry Read more

Robert E. Ogoreuc Power 25 Robert E. Ogoreuc

Bob Ogoreuc first read the quote about three types of individuals as a young swimmer and since then, he’s made it his mission to live life as one of the latter Read more

Kim O’Shea Power 25 Kim O’Shea

A self-described “lifer” in the sport of swimming, Kim O'Shea is a woman on a mission with “oodles of potential Read more

Michael Phelps Power 25 Michael Phelps

In the world of aquatics,Michael Phelps needs no introduction Read more

Johnny Johnson Power 25 Johnny Johnson

To understand just how far the aquatics industry has come in the past 40 years, look no further than Johnny Johnson, owner of Blue Buoy Swim School in Tustin, Calif Read more

David Knighton, M.D. Power 25 David Knighton, M.D.

The big idea with the potential to change aquatics came to David Knighton, M.D., almost a decade ago on a U.S.-bound flight from Germany Read more

Sue Nelson Power 25 Sue Nelson

When Sue and Mick Nelson married, they each gained a partner, but the aquatics industry gained much more Read more

Josef Haas Power 25 Josef Haas

I have the distinct responsibility of driving revenue and overseeing expenses Read more

Connie Harvey Power 25 Connie Harvey

Connie Harvey never dreamt the Red Cross swim lessons she was enrolled in as a child would be the springboard to a career Read more

Jeff Janovich Power 25 Jeff Janovich

If your favorite waterpark ride wasn’t created directly by ProSlide Technology, there’s a good chance its conception was influenced by something that ProSlide developed Read more

Mike Espino Power 25 Mike Espino

Aquatic safety would not be quite what it is today without Aquatic safety would not be quite what it is today without Mike Espino Read more

Roy Fielding Power 25 Roy Fielding

You could say Roy Fielding is taking the family business to a new level Read more

Franceen Gonzales Power 25 Franceen Gonzales

Franceen Gonzales was on the path to a career in medicine when she discovered aquatics Read more

John Cruzat Power 25 John Cruzat

It was something of a chance meeting that brought John Cruzat into aquatics Read more

M. Ellen “Melon” Dash Power 25 M. Ellen “Melon” Dash

When Melon Dash realized that probably half of the 20 adults she was teaching to swim were more concerned about just staying alive in the water than whether they were moving their arms qand legs correctly, she knew there had to be a better way Read more

Gerald Dworkin Power 25 Gerald Dworkin

Since starting Lifesaving Resources more than two decades ago, Gerald Dworkin has become one of the leading authorities and promoters for the skills and training required to save lives Read more

Dr. Bruce Becker Power 25 Dr. Bruce Becker

Some of this decade’s most important aquatics advancements may be attributed to polio Read more

Alfred Bernard Power 25 Alfred Bernard

Dr. Alfred Bernard, Ph.D., was never a lifeguard and has never won a medal for aquatic competition Read more

Carin Brown Power 25 Carin Brown

The aquatics industry is entering the video game age, and the woman leading the charge is Carin Brown Read more

Power 25 Power 25 Reinventors

One visit to a state-of-the-art facility and it’s clear that aquatics is not the same as it was a decade ago Read more

James E. Amburgey, Ph.D Power 25 James E. Amburgey, Ph.D

He might not fit the stereotypical image of a warrior in battle, but through his research, Dr. James Amburgey is one man helping to lead the fight to combat recreational water illnesses Read more

Getting the Message Risk Management Getting the Message

Yep, teens, for the most part, represent the face of the aquatics facility Read more

Saving Grace Water Fitness Saving Grace

Balance is the basic skill needed for walking, running and virtually all sports Read more

Guidelines for Saving Grace Water Fitness Guidelines for Saving Grace

Maintaining a neutral spine and pelvis, stand upright and shift your weight to support yourself on your right leg Read more

Mixing It Up What Works Mixing It Up

Given the recent tough economic times, many organizations have been forced to re-examine the ways in which they conduct business and assess the real needs and desires of their customers Read more


Create agility and stability in the water with these exercises designed to improve balance. Read more


Your lifeguards scan, but do they see? Help develop essential skills of observation and response with these two exercises. Read more

Risk Management Risk Management

Chances are, your teen lifeguards use and embrace technologies such as texting and Twitter. Read more

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