May 2010 Table of Contents

Aquatics Facility Handbook Opening Up

If you’re a seasonal aquatics operator, opening day is probably only a few weeks away; and for many in the industry that opening day may be as stress-inducing as the first day of classes is for most high school or college freshmen. Read more

Bouncing Back Bottom Line Bouncing Back

With the economic downturn over the past couple of years, it was time for our aquatic center to think outside the box and create some new excitement. Read more

Web Trends E-Media & Technology Guide Web Trends

From Alexander Graham Bell to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, communication technology has come a long way. Read more

E-Media & Technology Guide Deep Waters

While we read history, we make history.” Read more

Technology to the Rescue E-Media & Technology Guide Technology to the Rescue

It’s official. Technology has crept into just about every industry out there, and aquatics is no different. Read more

Death Sentences Editor's Desk Death Sentences

What is a life worth? I’ve asked this question in various ways over the years, but it’s always been more of a rhetorical question than something that can be answered. Read more

Beating Traffic Lessons Learned Beating Traffic

Our facility is the largest aquatics facility in North Carolina with 72,000 square feet and 1.1 million gallons of water covering three pools. It also boasts a classroom, conference area, stadium seating and a dry-land workout space. Read more

Fun Factor Lifesavers Fun Factor

Welcome to the mid-season hump. Read more

News RWI Prevention Week Begins May 24

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have scheduled the 6th Annual Recreation Water Illness Prevention Week for May 24-30, also the final week of National Water Safety Month.  Read more

News Sex Abuse Allegations Escalate, USA Swimming Responds

On the heels of a civil lawsuit that alleges widespread sexual abuse among swim coaches and the resulting media storm, USA Swimming has begun implementing closely watched plans to address the issue. Read more

Viva Las Vegas Pools  News Viva Las Vegas Pools 

The pool may be the hottest place in Las Vegas this summer and several hotel casinos have opened lavish new additions Read more

News States Considering New Aquatics-Related Legislation 

The California Spa & Pool Industry Education Council (SPEC), a lobbying firm, has sponsored A.B.  Read more

News 2010 NDPA Symposium Draws Nearly 200; CPSC Announces New VGB Compliance Tools 

Nearly 200 people gathered for the 2010 National Drowning Prevention Alliance Symposium last month to learn about drowning prevention and a new VGB education program including a new video to help with compliance. Read more

News May is Water Safety Month 

Supporting the need for ongoing public education on safer water practices, May 2010 is National Water Safety Month Read more

News Manufacturers Going Green 

You might say green is the new way to stay in the black. Several industry manufacturers have made eco-friendly operational changes that are saving the planet and the bottom line Read more

News Donations Keeping Some Pools Afloat

?It appears donations may help several aquatics operations stay open this summer. Read more

News States Considering New Aquatics-Related Legislation

The California Spa & Pool Industry Education Council (SPEC), a lobbying firm, has sponsored A.B. 2409 in an attempt to separate pools and spas from the definition of “waterfeature” in the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance. Read more

News National Swimming Pool Foundation Files Lawsuit

The National Swimming Pool Foundation has filed suit in the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska, against three Nebraska health departments. Read more

Pressure Situation Tech Talk Pressure Situation

Five to 10 years ago, our industry knew very little about ultraviolet treatment systems for recreational swimming environments. Read more

Coordinated Response Water Fitness Coordinated Response

Regardless of our age or ability, the most essential physical skills we need are balance and coordination. Read more

USA Swimming Lawsuit

USA Swimming releases 46 banned from organization Read more

Sacrificing Safety Sacrificing Safety

In January 2008, Pennsylvania officially eliminated lifeguards from almost all state park beaches. Read more

Seeing the Light Seeing the Light

Jim Monks used to lose a lot of sleep over his smelly pool. Read more

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