February 2012 Table of Contents

Lessons Learned Planting an Idea

An operator takes a chance and turns a patron complaint into a new opportunity for her and his facility. Read more

Hawaiian Adventures Waterparks + Resorts Today: Check Out Hawaiian Adventures

Aulani, a Disney resort and spa, is a state-of-the-art property that combines the magic of Disney with the beauty and history of Hawaii Read more

Worth 1,000 Words Editor's Note Worth 1,000 Words

Turns out what they say about pictures is true Read more

Season Passes Can Offer Operator, Guest Value Industry News Season Passes Can Offer Operator, Guest Value

A new expert analysis indicates that season pass options across the waterpark industry vary widely and provides a look at what parks across the nation are offering Read more

Pool Chlorine Tied to Lung Damage in Elite Swimmers Industry News Pool Chlorine Tied to Lung Damage in Elite Swimmers

A new study shows competitive swimmers training at indoor chlorinated swimming pools may have lung changes like what is seen in people with mild asthma Read more

Red Cross Survey May Signal Price Changes Industry News Red Cross Survey May Signal Price Changes

Officials at the American Red Cross are reviewing results of a survey meant to further address concerns over a new pricing structure. Read more

Aqua Star Sues Hayward Industry News Aqua Star Sues Hayward

AquaStar Pool Products of San Diego filed a lawsuit last month accusing Hayward Industries of engaging in anticompetitive practices Read more

Former Mass Pool Operators Accept Plea Deal Industry News Former Mass Pool Operators Accept Plea Deal

Two men formerly responsible for managing operations at the Massachusetts pool where Marie Joseph drowned last June have accepted a plea deal, admitting that they allowed swimming in unsafe cloudy water conditions Read more

New Year Brings Growth Opportunities Industry News New Year Brings Growth Opportunities

As the economy bounces back, it appears that new aquatic projects are likely to show up in some relatively unexpected places. Read more

Mass. Pool Managers Charged with Reckless Endangerment Industry News Mass. Pool Managers Charged with Reckless Endangerment

Two former Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation managers are facing charges of reckless endangerment of a child, in connection with the 2011 drowning death of 36-year-old Marie Joseph Read more

USLA Seeks Input on Open-Water Guideline Revamp Industry News USLA Seeks Input on Open-Water Guideline Revamp

In the wake of the 2010 death of swimmer Fran Crippen, the United States Lifesaving Association is looking to update its guidelines on open water swimming event safety Read more

Planting an Idea Lessons Learned Planting an Idea

We all have patrons who complain. Many times we’ve heard the same issue hundreds of times and are not listening or we are distracted. Read more

Taking a Hard Look Lifesavers Taking a Hard Look

The new year is an exciting time, a chance to start anew Read more

Removing Barriers Risk Management Removing Barriers

For the nearly 20 percent of the population with disabilities, the Americans with Disabilities Act removed architectural and social barriers that had prevented them from enjoying the same privileges of living in the United States as able-bodied citizens Read more

Larissa Rodriguez Power 25 Larissa Rodriguez

Larissa Rodriguez only learned to swim last year at age 40, and now she’s making waves across the aquatics industry Read more

Terri Smith Power 25 Terri Smith

Through her work as an aquatic designer and president-elect of the Association of Aquatic Professionals, Terri Smith is bringing her extensive professional aquatics background to a national audience Read more

Jennifer White Power 25 Jennifer White

For Jennifer White, swimming is all in the family. As a child, she was introduced to competitive swimming through a cousin who was an elite swimmer on the national level Read more

Nick Neuman Power 25 Nick Neuman

You could say Nick Neuman was born to be an aquatics industry leader Read more

John Oliver Power 25 John Oliver

In some ways, John Oliver could be considered the first aquatics “YouTube star.” He started as an intern at West Bend Mutual Insurance in 2008 with just a love of swimming and some knowledge of insurance/risk management Read more

Mary Reilly-Magee Power 25 Mary Reilly-Magee

Mary Reilly-Magee’s mother could not swim, but she was adamant that her children would become proficient Read more

Adam Katchmarchi Power 25 Adam Katchmarchi

It wasn’t that long ago that Adam Katchmarchi was just a water baby who spent his summers dreaming about the day he would be old enough to be a lifeguard Read more

Teri McKeever Power 25 Teri McKeever

When Teri McKeever accepted her first swim coach position in 1984, she probably never imagined she would make history Read more

Rhonda Milner Power 25 Rhonda Milner

A tragedy brought Rhonda Milner to the aquatics industry, and in less than a year, she has been able to use the power of her story to bring attention to an often overlooked killer Read more

Gareth Hedges Power 25 Gareth Hedges

With the title of associate general counsel, it’s not immediately clear that Gareth Hedges has anything to do with aquatics Read more

Tom Hellmann Power 25 Tom Hellmann

As recreation supervisor I, overseeing aquatics for the Cosumnes Community Services District Parks & Recreation Department in Elk Grove, Calif Read more

Michele Hlavsa Power 25 Michele Hlavsa

“We can do better in protecting the health and safety of swimmers,” Michele Hlavsa asserts Read more

Chris Griffith Power 25 Chris Griffith

How can the aquatics industry leverage technology to optimize operations and communication? Read more

Matt Griffith Power 25 Matt Griffith

Growing up, Matt Griffith spent lots of time swimming, water skiing, kayaking and white- water rafting Read more

Carrie Haupert-Fullerton Power 25 Carrie Haupert-Fullerton

Carrie Haupert-Fullerton had some big shoes to fill when she got a job working at the front desk of her local pool, and helping with special events Read more

Tara Eggleston Power 25 Tara Eggleston

Leading by example, Tara Eggleston is on her way to becoming a key player in efforts to reduce drownings and improve water safety among minority communities Read more

Jackie Gonzalez Power 25 Jackie Gonzalez

You might say Jackie Gonzalez is living proof of the idea that “it takes a village Read more

Manuel Gonzalez Power 25 Manuel Gonzalez

As a teen, Manuel Gonzalez worked as a lifeguard, and the job helped pay for a private high school, and a college education at Princeton University Read more

Doug Cook Power 25 Doug Cook

As a teenage lifeguard and competitive swimmer, Doug Cook never thought much about a career in pools Read more

Peter Davis Power 25 Peter Davis

Teacher, artist, volunteer, lifesaver … at one time or another, Peter Davis, chief of the Galveston Island Beach Patrol, has been all of these. Read more

Kevin Dessart Power 25 Kevin Dessart

As owners of the Colorado Springs Swim School, Kevin Dessart and his wife Tina are setting an example in the industry, demonstrating that adopting a business-minded approach can make pool operation financially sustainable Read more

Kim Burgess Power 25 Kim Burgess

Speaking with Kim Burgess about drowning prevention, you’d think the thousands of children who die in the water each year were her own Read more

Justin Caron Power 25 Justin Caron

As a student at Auburn University, Justin Caron was a six-time All-American Read more

Shaun Anderson Power 25 Shaun Anderson

“A multi-tasking role model and advocate who carries a life-saving message and the imperative of diversity into regions and disciplines never before imagined …” Tha ’s how Shaun Anderson was described in front of the U.S. House of Read more

Manny Banks Power 25 Manny Banks

When Manny Banks came to USA Swimming five years ago he had no experience with aquatics Read more

Clearing the Air Tech Talk Clearing the Air

I remember growing up as a swim team kid in the ’60s and ’70s. Life seemed a little more simple back then Read more

Techno-invasion Waterparks + Resorts Today: Trends Techno-invasion

When the first waterparks came online more than a quarter of a century ago, they represented a whole new world of mechanics and engineering Read more

All Systems Go Waterparks + Resorts Today: What Works All Systems Go

When Great Wolf Resort guests indicated that online booking was causing frustration, we listened Read more

The 2012 Power 25 Special Report: Power 25 The 2012 Power 25

The 2012 list recognizes a group of professionals poised to become the leaders of tomorrow. Many are already leaders in their own right, who can point to a long list of notable accomplishments. Read more

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