June 2012 Table of Contents

Marketing Forces Aquatics International University Marketing Forces

Marketing is a lion. Read more

Managing Greatness Aquatics International University Managing Greatness

The art of management is working with people to achieve desired goals and objectives Read more

Recruitment 101 Aquatics International University Recruitment 101

Your staff is perhaps your most important asset, and recruiting a top-notch team is critical. Today, aquatics operators can use a number of time-tested strategies to find qualified lifeguards Read more

Brand Identity Aquatics International University Brand Identity

When it comes to marketing, the overarching objective is to get more of your clients in the water, and to bring in new clients who will appreciate the benefits of your aquatics facility. Read more

2012 Courses: Business Aquatics International University 2012 Courses: Business

Effective marketing is the art of combining the right message with the right medium in the right way. Read more

Budgeting Basics Aquatics International University Budgeting Basics

For today’s aquatics professionals, good fiscal practices and budgeting skills are essential. Read more

Revenue Generators Aquatics International University Revenue Generators

Generating new revenue at your aquatics facility is a hard task. Or is it? By simply thinking outside the “pool,” the world opens up to many untapped opportunities. Read more

Sportuality: Finding Joy in the Games Book Review Sportuality: Finding Joy in the Games

An estimated 4 billion people worldwide are expected to cheer on athletes competing in the London 2012 Olympic Games. Read more

Access for All Editor's Note Access for All

With the recent spate of government regulations and codes — VGB, ADA, MAHC, ISPSC — the aquatics industry has just about had it with the feds. Read more

Water parks to Debut New Attractions Industry News Water parks to Debut New Attractions

When the gates open for the summer later this month, several waterparks across the nation will debut new attractions. Read more

USA Swimming Must Turn Over Sex Abuse Complaints Industry News USA Swimming Must Turn Over Sex Abuse Complaints

Courts in California and Washington have decided in favor of swimmers alleging they were sexually abused by their former coaches. Read more

Patrons Pee in Pools, Won’t Shower Industry News Patrons Pee in Pools, Won’t Shower

The majority of American adults (93 percent) say they won’t use someone else’s bath water, yet 68 percent skip showering before getting in the pool. Read more

Experts: Drain Deadline Extension Not Full Solution Industry News Experts: Drain Deadline Extension Not Full Solution

Most experts are applauding the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s yearlong deadline extension for mandated unblockable drain retrofits. Read more

Swim Community Mourns Losses Industry News Swim Community Mourns Losses

The swimming community is mourning the loss of several notable figures, including an Olympic swimmer, an Olympic diver, a legendary coach and swimming World Champion Dale Oen, of Norway. Read more

Massachusetts Closes Slides Following Drowning Review Industry News Massachusetts Closes Slides Following Drowning Review

Massachusetts officials will not open slides at state-run pools this summer, following a policy review stemming from the June 2011 drowning of Marie Joseph. Read more

DOJ OKs Portable Lifts, Relaxes Regs Industry News DOJ OKs Portable Lifts, Relaxes Regs

The Department of Justice on Thursday announced a dramatic about-face on disability regulations for swimming pools and spas. Read more

Aquatics Pros Turning to Online Education Industry News Aquatics Pros Turning to Online Education

Distance learning is a growing trend showing no signs of stopping. Read more

Sex Abusers Trigger Tougher Legislation Industry News Sex Abusers Trigger Tougher Legislation

Legislation to ban confidential lawsuit settlements involving allegations of child sexual abuse, and lengthen the statute of limitations for victims to file civil actions, has been introduced in California. Read more

ADA Occupies Congress, Hobbles Aquatics Industry News ADA Occupies Congress, Hobbles Aquatics

As aquatics professionals grapple with a deadline extension and proposed legislation that could change the Americans with Disabilities Act rules, a shortage of pool lifts, compliance confusion and cost concerns may force facility closures. Read more

Congress Takes Aim at ADA Pool Regs Industry News Congress Takes Aim at ADA Pool Regs

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2013 Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations Act (CJS). Read more

Watching for Trouble Lessons Learned Watching for Trouble

We practice real-life simulation trainings at all of our in-service sessions. Read more

True to Life Lifesavers True to Life

Well-trained lifeguards will quickly get bored with participating in the same old, tired scenarios that lifeguard instructors often rely on to confirm skills. Read more

Call to Action Minority Report Call to Action

As aquatics management professionals, we constantly work to prevent injuries and drowning by participating in frequent trainings, practicing our rescue skills and response, and reviewing emergency preparedness procedures and action plans with our staffs. Read more

2012 Most Valuable Products Products 2012 Most Valuable Products

The 2012 swim season is about to kick into high gear, and pool operators and aquatics professionals are eager to get their hands on the latest industry advancements to make their facilities more successful than ever. Read more

Tools of the Trade Risk Management Tools of the Trade

Aquatics facility maintenance and operation is a critical component of maintaining health and safety. Read more

Social Cues Social Cues

Until 2011, Dolphin Pools & Spas in Phoenix relied heavily on print ads and used very little social media. Read more

Cut the Web Tape Emedia Guide Cut the Web Tape

The next time you walk out on your pool deck and it’s a busy day, take a look around. Read more

Webolution Emedia Guide Webolution

Guess what? That gorgeous Website you launched last year is already nearly out of date.  Read more

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