January 2015 Table of Contents

NSPF Takes On Residential Design Organization NSPF Takes On Residential Design Organization

The merger helps NSPF make further inroads into the residential pool space. Read more

CP-1 Free Chlorine-Bromine Sensor CP-1 Free Chlorine-Bromine Sensor

BECS Technology introduces its new CP-1 Free Chlorine/Bromine Sensor, which provides a true residual ppm reading with BECSys water chemistry controllers. Read more

Choke Points LIFESAVERS Choke Points

Lifeguard drills for vital airway obstruction emergencies Read more

Welcome Home Welcome Home

An aquatics manager recognizes the importance of reconnecting with staff after a long absence Read more

Cultural Approaches to Aquatics Cultural Approaches to Aquatics

Integrating local culture into design can provide a cultural bridge in aquatics facilities Read more

2015 New Products 2015 New Products

It's time for Aquatics International's annual parade of new products Read more

Slideboarding Slideboarding

Slideboarding is WhiteWater’s newest interactive challenge that integrates gaming, skill, edge and competitive sport for an unforgettable waterpark experience. Read more

Professional X94 High-Efficiency Gas Heater Professional X94 High-Efficiency Gas Heater

The Professional X94 High-Efficiency Gas Heater from Raypak Inc. has an input rate of 399kBTU, stainless steel ASME heat exchanger, sealed combustion, direct vent and digital controls. Read more

Pool Blaster PRO 900 Pool Blaster PRO 900

The Pool Blaster PRO 900 vacuums debris as large as golf balls and filters small debris with its included micro-filter bags. Read more

Smart Drive Controller Smart Drive Controller

The new Smart Drive Controller from H2O Technologies Inc. is the latest addition to the Smart Pump Control System line. Read more

2015-16 Catalog 2015-16 Catalog

WMS’ 2015-16 catalog offers new and updated commercial pool equipment. Read more

HydroFLOW I Range HydroFLOW I Range

The new, patented HydroFLOW I Range water conditioner is over 2.5 times more powerful than previous models. Read more

Puddles Puddles

An exciting take on the traditional ground spray, Puddles from Waterplay brings the fun of rain puddles to the play pad. Read more

Watermark Watermark

Watermark, by Vortex Aquatic Structures, is a cutting-edge architectural installation that creates patterns and words by synchronizing lights and manipulating the flow of water. Read more

PolyGrate PolyGrate

RenoSys' PolyGrate pool grating is made of thick, marine-grade, slip-resistant polymers and is designed to handle any level of poolside abuse: dive tanks, canoes, dive bricks, even a direct hammer blow. Read more

Triton Pool Triton Pool

The new Triton fitness and therapy pool offers SwimEx quality at a more affordable price. Read more

Swimsuits Swimsuits

STEPIN2NOW’s swimsuits are designed for women who struggle to get into a swimsuit for water exercise and aquatic therapy. Read more

PaceLights PaceLights

Portable and easy to set up, Virtual Trainer’s underwater PaceLights are designed to help swimmers stay on pace, stroke by stroke. Read more

EyeVideo series EyeVideo series

The EyeVideo series from Tropical Penguin gives competitive swimmers the ability to analyze their performance through video. Read more

Fiberglass Bulkheads Fiberglass Bulkheads

Stark Bulkheads' one-piece fiberglass bulkheads are made to float and reposition without damaging pool or deck tile, and do not produce the trampoline effect, according to the company. Read more

The Super Combo The Super Combo

Polin Waterparks introduces the Super Combo, a water attraction consisting of four rides in one, including the Sphere, which rockets riders into a dark orbital-shaped slide that loops around several times before making a splash landing. Read more

GloGlas GloGlas

Illumaseal's self-illuminating GloGlas coating is produced and engineered for safety and durability, providing a mix of aesthetics and strength. Read more

Shade Creations Hex Umbrellas Shade Creations Hex Umbrellas

Combining kinetics and function, the Shade Creations Pinwheel Hex Umbrellas and High Low Hex Umbrellas can be accent pieces for any aquatics facility, park or seating area. Read more

Pool Cover Rewinder Pool Cover Rewinder

T-Star’s UNA automatic rewinder is a battery-powered pool cover rewinder paired with a single tube storage reel, capable of storing three 75-by-14-foot pool covers in less than five minutes. Read more

Aquatropica Aquatropica

AQUATROPICA, made by Empex Watertoys, is an interactive water playground with a lush, tropical theme that includes palms, birds, monkeys, bugs and the like. Read more

NuCanoe NuCanoe

NuCanoe, by Kay Park, is designed to be a safer alternative to regular canoes and kayaks. Read more

ProMinent DCM 2 Series ProMinent DCM 2 Series

The DCM 2 Series controller from ProMinent Fluid Controls Inc. is designed to precisely monitor and control water chemistry parameters and processes for smaller pools, such as those at hotels, motels and condos, and spas. Read more

Commercial Pool Catalog Commercial Pool Catalog

Recreation Supply’s 2015 Commercial Pool Catalog features dozens of new and updated products for aquatics facilities. Read more

Water Play Structures Water Play Structures

Natural Structures’ Water Play Structures combines popular waterpark features into a single, fun-filled water playground: slides, spray features, climbing features, interactive spray and splash features. Read more

FPR Filters FPR Filters

EPD USA's new fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) filter system consists of all FRP construction, bronze backwash valve and PLC-based controls; the system is 40 percent lighter than steel and is a direct replacement for old style EPD 13.5 steel tanks. Read more

Model 10150 SMSS Drinking Fountain Model 10150 SMSS Drinking Fountain

Most Dependable Fountain’s Model 10150 SMSS is an accessible drinking fountain and bottle filler. Read more

Slip-Resistant Matting Slip-Resistant Matting

PEM Surface Creations has added nine new sizes of its proprietary slip-resistant matting to its current product line. Read more

Deluxe Stadium Chair Deluxe Stadium Chair

The deluxe stadium chair is 4 inches wider than the original stadium chair. Read more

Pulsar Feeders Pulsar Feeders

Lonza's NSF-listed Pulsar feeders have an HMI touchscreen control box that allows the feeder to wash down automatically, turn the booster pump on and off for less energy consumption, and control the safety switches. Read more

Evacuator Evacuator

The chemical and pump room evacuator utilizes cross-ventilation to eliminate toxic chemical fumes. Read more

Sider-Proof FF-PR Sider-Proof FF-PR

Sider-Proof FF-PR roll-on cement pool plaster is offered in speckled colors with pre-mixed colored quartz. Read more

PVC Membrane PVC Membrane

The 60-mil reinforced PVC membrane is welded on site to provide a custom fit for any shape or size pool. Read more

Starting platforms with SolidStart edge Starting platforms with SolidStart edge

S.R. Smith’s starting platforms now come with the enhanced SolidStart edge, which increases the front surface area for improved grip. Read more

Pro Shade Sail Cleaner Pro Shade Sail Cleaner

Polyfab Pro Shade Sail Cleaner is a new, environmentally safe, high-strength cleaner designed to remove difficult soils from HDPE or vinyl fabrics with minimal effort. Read more

Nekdoodle Nekdoodle

Nekdoodle is an innovative flotation device that cushions and supports the head and neck while swimming and participating in water activities. Read more

BioShield CLP UV System BioShield CLP UV System

Pentair’s BioShield CLP UV System offers facilities cost savings by reducing chemical usage while improving the air and water quality of swimming pools. Read more

Wibit FastTrack Modular Combination Wibit FastTrack Modular Combination

Suitable for shallow water, the new Wibit FastTrack Modular Combination is designed to entertain individuals or groups in a contest. Read more

ColorQ PRO 6 ColorQ PRO 6

The ColorQ PRO 6 handheld photometer from LaMotte measures free and total chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid. Read more

PRO SERIES pro blend PRO SERIES pro blend

Natural Chemistry introduces its PRO SERIES pro blend, a concentrated, professional-strength formulation of enzymes and phosphate remover. Read more

The Gusher Water Slide The Gusher Water Slide

The Gusher is a one-of-a-kind, portable fiberglass water slide designed for rental companies. Read more


NEX-GEN, ChlorKing’s line of commercial on-site chlorine generators, uses swimming pool water to make chlorine. Read more

ELP AM Disinfection System ELP AM Disinfection System

The new ELP AM UV disinfection system offers a compact size ideal for retro-fit applications where space is an issue. Read more

Accu-Tab Accu-Tab

The Accu-Tab chlorination system simplifies pool maintenance. Read more

Backstroke Start Device

The new backstroke start device from Colorado Time Systems helps to eliminate slips at the start of a race. Read more

Pool Safety System Pool Safety System

BlueFox’s unique pool safety system utilizes programmable monitoring bracelets to prevent drowning. Read more

Contrast Pool Contrast Pool

Diamond Spas’ contrast pools are designed and engineered specifically for commercial facilities looking to provide the health benefits of a cold plunge pool experience. Read more

Wibit Stand Up Paddleboard Docking Station Wibit Stand Up Paddleboard Docking Station

The Wibit Stand Up Paddleboard Docking Station provides an immediate, hands-on learning experience in the water to ease and speed up the SUP-rental process. Read more

Life Ring Cabinet Life Ring Cabinet

The new, durable Life Ring Cabinets by Aquatic Technology Inc. have an unbreakable clear acrylic door designed to make the buoy easily identifiable. Read more

UV Swim I UV Swim I

Aquionics’ UV Swim I series offers chloramine reduction and crypto inactivation in a compact design. Read more

Tot Slide Tot Slide

Infants and toddlers delight in soft water effects, a variety of colors, themed panels (including custom themes) and age-appropriate play on the new Tot Slide from Aquatic Recreation Co. Read more

Fillable Friends Fillable Friends

Fillable Friends is designed to provide a new twist on in-pool or in-spa mosaics. Read more

VaporShield VaporShield

The VaporShield, made by Aquatic Commercial Industries, fits most acid/chlorine drums, from 5- to 52 gallons, and allows a pump to draw and empty the contents while sealing the drum and eliminating fuming. Read more

Oceans7 Two-Person Lounge Oceans7 Two-Person Lounge

The Oceans7 Two-Person Lounge from Aqua-Leisure Industries Inc. is comfortable, durable and stylish. Read more

3D Glacier 3D Glacier

Aquaclimb’s latest design, the 3D Glacier climbing wall, pulls the cool blue color from the pool to create an enticing attraction. Read more

ShockChek ShockChek

ShockChek is a fast and easy way to determine if a pool or spa requires shocking. Read more

Vantage Poly A Clarifier Tablets Vantage Poly A Clarifier Tablets

Vantage Poly A Clarifier Tablets from AllChem Performance Products work with the pool filtration to remove up to 99 percent of cryptosporidium. Read more

Pool Cover Panels Pool Cover Panels

Alta Enterprises’ pool cover panels are heat-welded together, for stronger seams than on sewn panels. Read more

Re-Entry Platform Re-Entry Platform

Aflex Technology’s descending Re-Entry Platform is designed to provide a unique safety solution to meet the needs of inflatable waterparks. Read more

HydroRite UVO3 HydroRite UVO3

A trio of disinfectants — UV, ozone and advanced oxidants — work to inactivate more than 99.9 percent of harmful chlorine-resistant microorganisms in Hayward Commercial Pool Products’ HydroRite UVO3. Read more

LG 750 Lifeguard Chair LG 750 Lifeguard Chair

The LG 750, from eLifeguard, is a revolutionary, maintenance-free lifeguard chair designed to optimize time used by lifeguards who are switching on and off of their shifts. Read more

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