March 2015 Table of Contents

Associations Lobby to Give Pool Inspectors 'More Teeth' Associations Lobby to Give Pool Inspectors 'More Teeth'

If a proposed change goes into effect, inspectors would have little oversight Read more

The Power of Listening The Power of Listening

My friend is going through a rough patch. Read more

ORP Control Tech Talk ORP Control

ORP is the oxidation reduction potential of water that is treated with an oxidizer, such as chlorine. Read more

Pushing Realism LIFESAVERS Pushing Realism

The benefits of using children in rescue drills Read more

Overseas Swimmers Beware! Overseas Swimmers Beware!

An aquatics expert studies overseas pools for adherence to U.S. safety guidelines Read more

Judgment Call LESSONS LEARNED Judgment Call

Managers realize they must teach their lifeguards critical thinking skills for emergency situations Read more

In Memoriam: Katherine Luecker In Memoriam: Katherine Luecker

The AOAP Founding member is remembered as a consummate professional with a deep love of the aquatics industry Read more

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