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AOAP, NDPA Events to Hit Centennial State

Learn about the new, surprise keynote speaker and other highlghts to expect from... More

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NDPA Initiates Collaborations to Advance Drowning Prevention and Education

Learn how the National Drowning Prevention Alliance has reached out to related... More

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NDPA's National Water Safety Conference Returns to In-Person Event

Learn more about the upcoming conference, including registration and speaker details. More

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National Drowning Prevention Alliance Takes Fall Symposium Online

In light of the increased COVID-19 infection rates, the organization has chosen... More

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NDPA Event Goes Online for Second Year

The organization cited the unpredictable and protracted nature of the COVID-19... More

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Aquatics Groups Form Alliance in Response to COVID-19

Learn how approximately 20 organizations across various aquatics sectors hope to... More

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Virtual NDPA Conference Breaks Record

With just a few weeks to convert from an in-person event, the organization's first... More

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NDPA’s Conference Has Gone Virtual, and There’s Still Time to Sign Up

Despite the current coronavirus pandemic, the National Drowning Prevention... More

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NDPA Rolls Out New Programs

A new safety-product recommendation program, free membership level and conference... More

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Devoted Messenger: Michele Long of the City of Mesa Fire and Medical Dept. Honored for Outreach

The outreach administrator works on a local, state and national level to spread... More

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