Lazy River Design

A river wraps around a shallow-water sunbathing area and trails underneath an elevated concrete deck for efficient use of real-estate.

Bends and curves, combined with trees obstruct lifeguards’ view. To help see to the floor, some recommend clear flotation devices.

Efficient design becomes especially crucial indoors, as space is at a premium. Here, a narrower version of a lazy river, called a current channel, wraps around a smaller pool with underwater seating. It features its share of bends while maintaining a relatively compact footprint. Salvation Army of Hampton Roads — Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center: Architecture by Tymoff + Moss Architects; Aquatics design by Water Technology Inc.

Tot rivers can provide another feature with a low intimidation factor for little ones still finding their footing in water. Here, a beach entry provides the ideal launch pad for the channel.

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