The Aqua Gate

Kevin McCarthy, founder of the water-disk game, SKWIM, has a concept for a new kind of community pool that accommodates multiple watersports. It's called Aqua Gate.

Aqua Gate 25m Pool

The 25m Aqua Gate serves multiple aquatic activities, including watersports. Features include the Aqua-Gate, which can isolate or interconnect individual water temperatures and treatments; spectator seating for 500 around the competition pool; a beach-entry teaching pool that doubles as a warmup section for competitive events; and the Aqua-Bridge, which adjoins the two “L” shaped observation bulkheads.

Aqua Gate 50m Pool

Here's the 50 meter version. It includes seating for 1,500. Like the 25 meter design, the Aqua Gate can separate and isolate temperature and water pH between the competition pool and teaching pool. It is within the facility’s discretion when to open the Aqua Gate.

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