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Town of Marana Parks and Rec Receives Best of Aquatics Recognition

Learn about the collaborative approach this staff took to educating its community... More

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Aquatics Honor Goes to Arizona's Mesquite Groves

Find out about the three-part formula that provides this staff the magic equation... More

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Arizona is a Battleground State for International Swimming Pool and Spa Code and the Model Aquatic Health Code

The state was on the cusp of adopting the ISPSC when the MAHC stepped in. More

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Training Mecca: Northern Arizona University Aquatics and Tennis Complex

Swimmers and divers travel from all over the continent to practice in the... More

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Rave in the Wave Pool: EDM Comes to the Waterpark

It was a genre associated with wild warehouse parties and glow sticks. Now... More

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A Major League Renovation: Arizona Diamondbacks Funds Remodel of Pool Complex for Individuals With Disabilities

The Arizona Diamondbacks gave Ability360 $100,000 to update its pools. And to... More

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People and Dolphins Can Swim in This Pool

Different design choices allowed the build-design team to create this haven where... More

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Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center Wins June's AI 2016 Summer Lifeguard Challenge

Watch Team Mesquite, from Chandler, Ariz., handily complete June's AI 2016 Summer Lifeguard Challenge. They came in under their 12-second time limit with gloves on, and in position, to rescusitate a victim. But first, our judge, Pete DeQuincy, explains what impressed him in this highly competitve round that had more than a dozen teams vying for June's title. More

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