Codes and Standards

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APSP Updates Water Quality Standard for Commercial Pools

This year’s edition includes a section about secondary and supplemental... More

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Legislative Advocacy Coalition Forms in Texas

New name, partnerships meant to strengthen Texas lobbyist. More

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Next Year's MAHC Open for Public Comment

The system has been opened to accept change requests from stakeholders of the... More

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Questions Emerge as Officials Investigate Surf Park Death

A death caused by a brain-eating amoeba at a surf park raises questions regarding... More

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Swimming Pool and Spa Suction Fittings: A Crucial Standard Revised

The standard has seen its first major update in several years. It now requires... More

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APSP Veteran Staffer Transitioning to Part-Time

A leading force behind many of today's model pool and spa codes, Carvin DiGiovanni... More

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New Model Aquatic Health Code Released

The new edition puts in place several changes regarding water quality,... More

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