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Sentag Offers New Approach to Drowning Detection

The company uses sensitive wristbands in its drowning detection system to monitor... More

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Boy Narrowly Saved from Entrapment

Thanks to a visitor at the South Carolina resort, the 12-year-old was saved. More

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Victim's Family Allows Lifesavers to Review Drowning Footage

With family's permission, a United Kingdom coroner forwards CCTV footage of... More

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Saving Grace: Laura Metro Turns Near Tragedy into a Cause for Good

A CPR-capable friend saved her child's life. By developing the concept of CPR... More

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Consumer Product Safety Commission Offers Grants to Encourage Safety Laws

Ten years after passage of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act , its... More

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Paragon Aquatics Introduces All Terrain Griff’s Guard Station

Keep a watchful eye on your patrons with this lifeguard station. More

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Aquatic Technology Introduces Platform Lifeguard Chairs

Keep a good watch on your pool patrons with these lifeguard chairs. More

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