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Water Park Site of Romantic Chance Encounter

A home video that captures a married couple crossing paths at a water park 16 years before they met is a love story worth sharing. More

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Is There Any Truth to This YMCA Conspiracy Theory?

Could the YMCA really be a front organization for the CIA? More

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In Memoriam: Jaring Timmerman

The decorated centenarian swimmer has died at age 105. More

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A Look Back

Although rooted in tradition, NSF is on the forefront for developing global... More

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VIDEO: Centenarian Swimmer Makes History

A Winnipeg, Canada, man celebrated his 105th birthday early with swim meet wins... More

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ISHOF Contemplates a Move

The International Swimming Hall of Fame is thinking of moving when its lease... More

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A Tribute to Esther Williams

A look at the extraordinary life of swimming legend Esther Williams (1921-2013). More

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The Rise of RWIs

In the summer of 1988 — the year Aquatics International first went to press — 44... More

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Healing Waters

The concept of aquatic therapy is as old as the earliest recorded history, making... More

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Keeping Watch

The past 25 years have seen huge technological advances across most industries and... More

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