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Post-COVID-19 Commercial Pool Openings and a Call to Action

Opening a facility is hard work that takes meticulous planning and preparation. To... More

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About Using Pool Water to Disinfect Objects and Surfaces Against COVID-19

Some people wonder if properly sanitized pool or spa water is enough to disinfect... More

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Check Out These Guidance Documents for Reopening Your Aquatics Facilities

A number of aquatics-related industries have compiled documents to guide operators... More

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Follow These Best Practices When Preparing Your Pool to Paint

Repainting a pool for the season? Start with the right preparation. More

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How Should Aquatics Professionals Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Aquatics pros know that to respond with panic is never the solution. But your... More

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A Bolt and a Clap: Part 2 of the Survey on Lightning and Aquatics Facilities

A review of expert positions and the discovery of some unsafe practices makes... More

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Video Addresses Chemical Gas Incidents

It explains the causes and prevention of the accidental chlorine gas exposures... More

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Aquatics Hazards: Lightning and Amoebas

In our June issue, we feature information from two experts on two different,... More

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