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2019 Aquatics Facility Handbook: Handling Sexual Harassment or Abuse

Teenage and young adult staffers often require special considerations when... More

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Learning the Learning Model Can Help Train Aquatics Staff

Familiarizing yourself with the “conscious competence learning model,” which... More

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How Music Almost Cost Me My Aquatics Staff

A seemingly innocuous change causes a major staff reaction. More

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Hiring for Attitude

If your facility hires for attitude, how is that done? Here are three suggestions. More

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All-Around Specialist: Counsilman-Hunsaker's Kevin Post Named to 2019 Aquatics International Power Issue

The company principal is emerging as an advocate for increasing and sustaining... More

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2019 New Products: Safety

Safety always is of utmost concern for aquatics facilities. Here, we've gathered... More

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Be Open to New Ideas — and Changes

When the mother of a special-needs child asked for assistance, the staff heard and... More

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