Usually, swimming in a heavily guarded pool is a good thing, but not necessarily at the Fort Knox Aquatics Program, this year’s Class 17 winner. With additional security since 9/11, civilian entry into the facility has become tougher and scared some away, significantly decreasing attendance.

But the U.S. Army is not to be deterred. The aquatics staff ramped up its visibility in the civilian communities with promotional events and media exposure, an effort that has improved attendance each year.

Serving the U.S. Army, retirees, Department of Defense employees, and their families, the Fort Knox Aquatics Program aims to meet active duty readiness requirements as well as recreational needs of non-active members.

Besides military training, the three water facilities serve families and children with the indoor Anderson Pool and Gammon Pool, and the Fort Knox Waterpark. Gammon is used primarily for military and ROTC as well as swimming lessons and high school team practices, while Anderson is used for lap swimming and recreation.