Soon after the long-awaited opening of the Atlantis Resort on Palm Island, the spectacular waterpark and marine attractions became available to the resort guests and other visitors. This vast and beautifully landscaped area is considered by many the jewel in the crown for the Atlantis Resort development.

Appropriately named Aquaventure, this is the largest themed waterpark in Dubai. Whitewater West slide designers and engineers delivered a selection of world-class rides, including Master Blasters: The Ziggurat reaches 100 feet in the sky and houses a dramatic “free fall” body slide named “The Leap of Faith.” At 27.5 meters tall (90 feet), it is a nearly vertical drop, falling through a clear tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon. It is said to be the fastest free-fall slide in the Middle East, dropping more than nine stories in an instant. And the record time from top to bottom is just five seconds!

There are also various inner-tube slides, water rides and beaches on a gentler scale for families and children.

A large water-play structure, themed as a mysterious temple, employs Inca details and design forms. This feature continues to be a proven “magnet” for children of all ages, with its thundering spill from the tipping bucket, countless possibilities of interactive water play, choice of body slides and ample lounging space around.

“In designing Aquaventure, we challenged the best designers, creative minds and water-ride technologists to work with us to take the water experience to a different level,” says Alan Leibman, managing director of Kerzner International.

Whitewater West designers responded to the challenge by tackling difficult design issues such as creating a complex system of Master Blasters weaving their way through a palm grove, providing a state-of-the-art ride such as the Leap of Faith, and designing and constructing a uniquely themed interactive water-play structure. The Atlantis theme is present throughout the park. Landscape and thematic elements complement each other in a natural way, providing a great stage/ backdrop for all water attractions. It’s worth mentioning that the color selection for fiberglass, structural elements and thematic pieces was carefully prepared to suit very specific requirements for this environment and, of course, the high demands of the client.

So it’s not surprising that Aquaventure presents a superb water attractions experience, coupled with a stunning visual landscape — all within the context of Palm Island.


Aquatic space: 22 acres

Year opened: 2008

Cost: $1.5 billion (entire resort)

Dream feature: Ziggurat pyramid stands nearly 100 feet tall and serves as a landmark for the park, and the launch pad for a variety of water rides.


  • Dream Designer: Whitewater West Industries Ltd.
  • Aquatic Engineer: Cloward H20
  • General Contractor: Atlantis Construction Management Team
  • Landscape Architects: ESDA
  • Rockwork and Theming: Amusement Whitewater
  • Project Architect:Norr Architects, Engineers, Planners
  • Electrical Mechanical: BK Gulf Facilities
  • Management and Rotary JV Concrete Contractor: Cliff Creek Builders


  • Chemical Control Systems: Chemtrol
  • Filters: Neptune-Benson Inc.
  • Heaters: Raypak Inc.
  • Pumps: ITT Marlow, Cascade
  • Sanitization Systems: DEL Ozone, PPG Chlorinators
  • Water-Play Structures: Whitewater West Industries Ltd.
  • Water Slides: Whitewater West Industries Ltd.


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