Photo: Baha Mar

Baha Mar
Nassau, Bahamas

Project Architect: Bruce LaFleur & Associates
Pool Architect: SB Architects
Landscape Architects: BrightView; EDSA
Aquatic Designer: Aquatic Design & Engineering
Builder: BrightView


The Baha Mar properties include three hotels brands, each serving a distinct type of clientele. To suit everyone, designers scattered the grounds with 11 pools and spas, each with its own appeal. Features range from the family-friendly to the adventurous to the luxurious.

As part of the resort’s commitment to honor its Bahamian locale and heritage, the property features a tribute to a local natural landmark. Dean’s Blue Hole pool evokes a Bahamian natural wonder of the same name, which is the second deepest known saltwater blue hole in the world. At 10 feet deep, compared with the real thing’s 663, this version features gradient color finishing that gives the appearance of added depth. The rockwork forms jumping platforms and grottos, which house large underwater windows through which visitors can view sharks, turtles, rays and other sea life.

Highlights also include individualized spaces for grown-ups. Along with in-water lounges, visitors can enjoy in-water cabanas, where rain curtains can be activated on all four sides for privacy.

Another pool, meant to serve visitors at the most luxurious of the resorts — features gold trim.

Control system: CES
Filtration: Neptune Benson
Heaters: Delta Hydronics
Pumps: Marlow Pumps; Pentair
Tanks: Vak Pak
Temperature controller: Hayward Pool Products
Underwater lighting: Pentair

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