Completed in 2010, the $3.7 million renovation of Black Bob Bay Aquatic Center updated an existing traditional lap pool used primarily by local competitive swimmers. During planning, it became important to develop a warmer, more intimate facility.

A meandering river theme was introduced into the pool deck to break up the monotone appearance of the deck and highlight paths to particular parts of the facility. Beds with native grasses and plantings were integrated between the pools to add warmth and soften the appearance.

In addition, the lazy river was lowered in elevation relative to the other pool to reduce the feel of the overall size of the facility.

The 27,684 square feet of aquatic space now also includes a 436-foot-long lazy river, slides, a shallow recreation pool, a wading pool, an interactive play structure, and an updated deck area with added shade structures.

One development challenge was to integrate new amenities onto the relatively small footprint. The site also contained a large number of trees. Care was taken to leave as many as possible to preserve a natural background.

Additionally, earth-tone colors were integrated into the shade structures, building facades and deck patterns.