Epic Waters Indoor WaterparkGrand Prairie, Texas
Category: Targeted Programming

In 2019, Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark received news that its marketing team saw as a huge opportunity: The manufacturer Flowrider added the Grand Prairie, Texas, facility to the list of stops on its FLOW Tour competition.

The waterpark had opened in late 2017 and is known as the Lone Star State’s largest indoor waterpark, measuring 80,000 square feet. Not only would this event be able to showcase everything the waterpark had to offer, it also would attract a demographic that didn’t typically go to waterparks — the 18-34 crowd.

Epic Waters

“The waterpark, by definition, is a family-friendly destination,” says Beth Owens, account executive for Epic Waters. “We went after a younger, edgier demographic that might not normally come to the waterpark — not your typical mom and dad and 2.2 kids.”

Ambitious schedule

In the 90 days that would transpire from the notice of selection to the competition date, the team had to develop and coordinate a three-day event.

Dubbed FlowaPalooza, the event featured not just the competition, but also wave shows with professional riders, “Flow with a Pro” lessons, raffles, media interviews, games, and bodyboard and standup board demo opportunities. Bands played, adding to the festive air. There was even a boat show outside the waterpark.

For those participating in the competition, the waterpark provided party rooms upstairs and a surfers’ lounge. FlowaPalooza differed greatly from other competition events held across the country, which were typically a one-day competition without all the festivities.

Epic Waters

To promote the event, the waterpark targeted members of Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Surf, young paddleboard enthusiasts, wakeboarders and boaters. It distributed messages on social media, issued press releases and contacted all of the local media. In addition, the event was published on several community calendars.

During the event itself, local TV and radio stations ran live coverage, while newspapers reported the story.

Return engagement

FlowaPalooza was a hit in the community and among competitors, too.

Epic Waters

Nearly 9,000 people attended the festivities and 87 individuals signed up to compete. There were 13 sponsors as well.

It was so successful that Flowrider selected Epic Waters to not only host the 2020 Nationals Championship but the World Championships as well.

“We were told by Flowrider it was the highest number of competitors they had in the prime spot in a long time,” says Richard Coleman, senior vice president and president of development. “It must have been pretty darn successful in the eyes of the surf community to want to come back for two spots for 2020.”