Photo courtesy Hyatt Regency Aruba

Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort Spa & Casino — Trankilo Pool
Palm Beach, Aruba

Architect: EDSA
Aquatic Designer: Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering
Builder: Complete Property Services
Architecture/Hotel Master Planner: Blur Workshop
Civil/Electrical Engineer: BK Consult

Calming waters

As part of a hotel-wide renovation in the popular vacation spot, this 4,500-square-foot adult-only pool and water feature were added as a quiet, grown-up alternative to the main pool.

To ensure a peaceful space, the pool was set at the edge of the property, a good distance away from the busy pool in the central courtyard. For this expansion, the designers needed to work as close as possible to the property line. To do this, they gave the pool’s outline a stair-step effect. Not only did this closely follow the diagonal line at the property’s edge, but it created a series of individual alcoves that allowed privacy and intimacy for renters of the 10 private cabanas. This provided an alternative to building individual private plunge pools. By using just one body of water, management could avoid redundant piping and mechanical equipment that would be required for multiple pools.

Coral rockwork walls further delineate the individual spaces, with nozzle sprays to provide a tranquil white noise that helps obscure nearby sounds. The coral helps the pool fit in with the natural beaches.

The cabanas serve double-duty, functioning as an outdoor spa area for private massages.

An infinity edge at the end of the pool helps showcase the ocean beyond.

Lush palm trees, teak for the cabanas, and turquoise water suit the unspoiled natural landscape.

ADA Lift: S.R. Smith
Chlorine Generator: ChlorKing
Controller/Control System: BECS Technology
Filtration: Neptune Benson
Fountain Nozzles: Crystal Fountains
Guard Chairs/Safety Equipment: Recreonics
Pumps: Marlow Pumps
Rails: S.R. Smith
Underwater Pool Lighting: Pentair